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Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Is Over, Back To Targeting Middle Class

Now that the New Years weekend is over, US Federal law enforcement can go back to targeting the middle class. Why? That’s where the money is.  Terrorists don’t have any money.  It is not bulk data collection – it is bulk asset collection.

Citizen “takedown” has reached a true art form for certain correct US Federal law enforcement agencies. Some US agencies seem to be competing to see who can takedown the most innocent people.  All communication has now been collected for years, and now this data is being used to ruin lives by driving wedges in personal and employment relationships.

There are simple techniques to create distrust between people, but even J Edgar Hoover never thought these tactics would be used on people that had never committed a crime or even owned a gun. These techniques are now being employed against a large watchlist of innocent Americans by trained informants of certain corrupt US Federal law enforcement agencies.

You only need to create small, but critical disruptions in people’s lives over time to create your own set of winners and losers. New Years is over. Back to bulk asset collection. Back to Takedown.

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