[FISA] bring down the House.

Epstein brings down global deep state intel cartel.

IFISA exposes treason and cuts the ties China has with many politicians through blackmail.

Epstein revelation cuts ties Mossad has on the rest of politicians and powerful business people + Hollywood.

[FISA]+[Epstein] liberates the United States even further.


I wonder if just before he got fired, Rex Tillerson got the President/Government of Kenya to supply and authenticate Obama’s birth records, medical record, school records and passport records.

Wouldn’t that would be something. Followed by a necessary departure for optics, as with AG Sessions?



Thinking more about this… why is it that the Iran deal happened during Obama’s lame duck portion of his presidency?

Why did he resettle all those Somali refugees in Minnesota?

A LOT of questions suddenly become very clearly answered if you consider these following things to be true…

Barrack Obama is not his real name.

Barry Soetoro is not even his real name… but for the sake of clarity and ease of the message, we’ll just continue to call him BO.

BO is a Muslim.

BO is a foreign agent… possibly Russian, possibly Iranian… not sure which. (I’m leaning toward Iranian. Maybe Pakistani? Indonesian?)

BO’s biological parents are unknown to us.

BO’s “American” parents are actually handlers.

Valerie Jarrett is an Iranian national, and BO’s handler…

Michelle is actually a man named Michael.

BO is gay.

BO is not a traitor to the USA, because he never had allegiance to the USA in the first place… but he IS an agent of a foreign power, and is guilty of capital crimes.

SO MUCH becomes clear now!