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2) Each person who looks at Q’s posts come away with a different opinion of Q’s purpose. While some opinions about Q may be similar, there is no universal agreement about Q’s purpose. Each individual seems to develop a unique perspective.

3) I’m going to share a few of my observations about Q here. Disclaimer: I do not claim to speak for Q. I do not claim to speak for the Q movement. My views are my own.

4) As I’ve analyzed Q’s messages, when I strip away the rhetoric, the emotion, the hype, and opinions of others—when I remove all distractions—I’ve found that Q is primarily, an open-source intelligence operation.

5) The reason many people find Q difficult to understand is they’ve grown accustomed to being spoonfed information. We’ve been immersed in a culture where experts on various subjects write articles and do interviews that covey their understanding of the facts on that subject.

6) We’re not expected or encouraged to do our own research or come to our own conclusions. Information is provided to us & we’re expected to accept that information as fact. Irrespective of one’s political or religious beliefs, this is the system in which we live.

7) Let me zero in on something for just a moment. The experts we listen to or read don’t just present information to us and let us come to our own conclusions about what the information means.

8) After an expert presents information to us, they then provide what they believe is the correct interpretation. They assign meaning to it. Whoever assigns meaning to information on a given subject determines the public narrative on that subject.

9) I would argue that the mainstream media (whether conservative, liberal or somewhere in between) desires to control the public narrative on certain subjects.

10) To do that, members of the media provide expert information and then an interpretation that aligns with their chosen viewpoint.

11) I would argue that most citizen journalists do the same thing. We tend to present information along with an interpretation of the information that supports our particular beliefs on a given subject.

12) And that is where Q stands apart from every other provider of information.

13) Some people are motivated by fame. Others are motivated by greed. Q doesn’t receive any money and no one knows who Q is. It seems unlikely that Q would be driven by these motives.

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14) Although Q’s following is large, at the start, it was only a few thousand people on 4 chan. No one knew that an anonymous person on 4 chan would develop a following of hundreds of millions of people around the world. And today, Q is still anonymous.

15) Q provides clues on subjects we can research. The information we seek is publicly available (open source). We’re free to accept or reject the information. Free to interpret it how we want. Free to ignore it. Q isn’t interested in establishing a narrative or controlling us

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16) Q is often attacked by so-called intelligence insiders. They provide information & you support them, financially. Patriots don’t leak classified information. (It’s illegal) Q’s info is free & open-source, thus Q is a threat to the business model of “intelligence insiders.”

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17) Q operates inside a massive community of people connected via the Internet. Each person operates in an area of specialization, contributing something unique to the community.

18) Lawyers research legal matters. Artists make memes. Air traffic controllers track aircraft of interest. Nearly everyone researches the subjects highlighted by Q. Bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers spread the information on social media.

19) Often overlooked is the contribution each individual makes when they share the information the community uncovers with their family, friends, and neighbors. No one’s contribution is greater or more important than another person’s. (Thank you for your contribution)

20) Because there are no identified leaders, no doctrines, and no official narratives, the Q “movement” is an eclectic mix of people who seldom agree on the interpretation of information but choose to work together to uncover the truths that remain hidden and disseminate them.

21) Q is at war with the mainstream media who selectively report stories and ignore other ones. They provide not just the “facts” but the interpretations. Q challenges us to do our own research and come to our own conclusions—our own interpretations.

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22) For many people, the exhortation to research for themselves, think for themselves and trust their own conclusions is the hardest part of following Q. When you’re accustomed to being spoonfed by the mainstream media, it can be hard weaning yourself off that diet.

23) Another problem is time. Many people don’t have the time required to do their own research. I don’t mind doing the work of decoding Q’s cryptic posts and finding relevant news articles. But I encourage others to check my work for errors and to look for other information.

24) Regardless of how you find your information, it’s still your responsibility to interpret information, correctly.

25) I receive hundreds of messages a month from people who trust me asking for my opinion on an article or video they’ve found. As much as I appreciate being trusted, I won’t give my opinion on an article or video for the same reason Q doesn’t.

26) We don’t need someone we trust telling us what to think. That is precisely what the mainstream media does right now. That model is antithetical to Q’s desire to train us to evaluate information for ourselves.

27) Q wants us to develop the ability (discernment) to distinguish dark from light, truth from error, hype from fact for ourselves—independently of the opinion of others.

28) Recently, Q provided a link to a newly declassified document describing changes to the NSA’s policies on sharing raw signals intelligence. Did Q tell us what the importance of the document was or why it had been declassified? No.…

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29) This is what Q said: “Archive and save. Will become extremely important.”

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30) My wife and I came up with different ideas about why the document was declassified and why it’s relevant. Part of the fun of following Q is that you can have your own ideas about what something means and in time, your ideas will either be confirmed or corrected.

31) Q’s method of providing information isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s time-consuming and at times, it’s frustrating. And there’s seldom a guarantee that your interpretation of a particular post is correct. There’s always a degree of uncertainty.

32) Some people have claimed that Q’s posts are meaningless because there’s no certainty in their interpretation. The fact that there is uncertainty doesn’t mean that Q’s posts are devoid of meaning.

33) Meaning is not always an objective matter. Some of the most profound meanings you’ll ever discover in life are highly personal—highly subjective.

34) I don’t always need confirmation from Q that my interpretation is correct. I sometimes have an inner “knowing” that I’m on the right track in the same way I know that I’m following God’s plan for my life.

35) Following Q is a bit like walking with God in the sense that it helps to cultivate trust (or faith if you prefer) when there is no objective confirmation. Sometimes our only confirmation is subjective.

36) I tend to provide a straightforward analysis of Q’s posts but others provide a different perspective on them.  @martingeddes  provides a daily synthesis of Q’s posts—a transcendent view that looks at the big picture.

37) @LisaMei62  has worked in the field of intelligence for many years and while she doesn’t provide “insider” information, her analysis of Q’s posts are insightful.

38) Q does not post on any social media platforms. He only posts on 8chan. A number of websites and mobile apps aggregate Q’s posts for ease of reading.

39) If you’re interested in learning more about Q, there are hundreds of people on Twitter & YouTube who provide decodes and analysis. Some of them can be found in my list “Q on Twitter”…

40) I hope you found this discussion helpful.

And… Right on “Q”,  this tweet from  @MartinGeddes

“What if #QArmy was the strategically riskiest part of the #MAGA project to get gangsters out of government (notwithstanding all who have put their life and limb on the line)?
What if your courage to say that something has been deeply wrong — and is being made right — is crucial?
4:26 PM · Jul 28, 2019