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the Standard Hotel keeps popping up on the Anon boards at 8ch.  Q has dropped the name twice. On Jan. 31, 2018…

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and again five months ago on March 20, 2019. [AS] is Q’s reference to Adam Schiff, whose congressional district includes the Hollywood Standard Hotel. Rachel Chandler was Epstein’s “official” photographer who started a “modeling agency,” allegedly a pedophile catalog of child models. Her name is believed to be a pseudonym, a combination of  CH (child) Handler (handler). It is understood that many of these pedophiles use pseudonyms as a symbolic “wink” to each other, a lot like the identifying symbols they publicly use out in the open to recognize each other.Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 3.36.38 PM.png

Another anon posted the following:



It looks like there is some type of link (maybe they are just acquaintances but Q team told us there are no coincidences), between Ghislaine Maxwell and André Balazs.

YUP, the owner of the Standard Hotel, that same hotel with Adam Schiff and all the stuff. It seems there is a link between Epstein Island and the Hotel… well, maybe not the hotel or the island itself, but the type of business taking place there. Could it be the same big mafia boss (bloodline family) running the show in both places?

And Chelsea Handler was André Balazs girlfriend. For me, this explains a lot about her behavior towards POTUS ever since he was elected. I think her link to the Standard Hotel is the reason why she attacks POTUS so viciously.

Every image is open source – easy to find.

Open source. That’s exactly what Q suggests anons use to research the foul and satanic underbelly of those who are the deep state.

Another anon’s digging revealed that the Standard Hotel (or an affiliated person?)  hosted 50 gatherings, one a week, and the related website featured images, two of which (below) have been circulating online for quite some time; these appear to show ValJar and Skippy in all their glory at the event titled “Party Naked.”

“Here is the website. Tons of pics at each party, including many more from this one if anyone wanted to look through it. Pic is from “Party Naked.”



From the website


Back to the Standard Hotel(s) –

Apparently, Adam Schiff was on C-Span TV. According to one anon, Schiff seemed very concerned about deep fakes. Anon asks “What did happen at the Standard Hotel?”

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Is it a coincidence that the General Manager of the Standard Hotels was killed in a helicopter crash? What did she know?

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Well, here’s one thing that happened… wonder why?

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Anons at social media platform REDDIT had speculated on many different possibilities. REDDIT removed the thread and the account holder. Censorship.

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What was going on with the use of muriatic acid?

Muriatic acid: Body disposal.

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The Standard Brand

Why is the Standard logo upside down (Netflix “Stranger Things” – ‘the upside down’). This is ‘as above so below’ symbology.

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“Symbolism will be their downfall” – Q

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