Having been banned from Facebook for the 5th (or is it the 6th?) time, my penance for posting something innocuous is coming to its final days.

August 22nd is the BIG DAY, when my account will be unfrozen by the idiots running the asylum. Am I excited to be back among my FB pals?  Only inasmuch as I will use the tool (and it IS a TOOL) to direct them to this site here where I am free to write what I want, any old time…

Let the countdown begin. Fuckerberg and his robotized army can go fry their collectivist asses, as I use FB for MY purposes, not theirs.

And if my “audience” of readers is diminished as a result, so be it. It’s only temporary anyway because most social media users will eventually tire of the censoring bullcrap and return to their blog roots where we still maintain a modicum of freedom, liberty and justice for all. Unless you’re hosting “Q” on 8chan, of course.  Then all bets are off.