As some of you may know, I interviewed Dr. Cyril Wecht, forensic pathologist, some years ago about the JFK assassination and his medical opinion of the “official” story that Oswald was the sole assassin. In a comprehensive assessment based on forensics, Dr. Wecht testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978, which determined (in typically cowardly fashion) that there could have been a conspiracy to end the life of a sitting president.  Dr. Wecht is absolutely convinced that JFK was shot to death by at least three snipers positioned at various spots in the Dealey Plaza triangle, and that Oswald could not possibly have been among them.

We’ve since learned even more about the patsy Oswald and his involvement as a CIA asset and that he was used as the cover to the crimes of Allen Dulles and the Corporation. Dulles had been fired by JFK over the Bay of Pigs fiasco, but that’s a story for a different post.

This morning I’m writing about an interview Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth did yesterday (Sept. 5) with Dr. Wecht about the suspicious “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein.

Note specifically Dr. Wecht’s view of our government agencies.  His opinion is based on decades of CIA and FBI deceit, based on — again — forensic evidence.

I’ve transcribed the relevant portion of the interview which can be viewed in its 30-minute entirety here.

Cyril Wecht 9/5/19
Intv with Jason Goodman
Description:”Dr. Cyril Wecht joins me to help decipher some lingering questions about anomalies related to Epstein’s death and the subsequent report from the NYC Medical Examiner’s office.”
transcript begins @16:03


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“Why would a highly respected, highly experienced medical examiner who wasn’t at the autopsy – what was her rush?” – Dr. Wecht

Wecht: “You know I’ve been involved JFK and RFK and Martin Luther King and so on, and I don’t put anything at all past the surreptitious clandestine reaches and manipulations of governmental agencies and that relates to major news media too. 

You deal with JFK, you deal with RFK, and you deal with the hard forensic scientific evidence. Those cases would no more be successful in the courtroom  then I would be successful in suing the Pope for murder.  

So it’s a very interesting question that you asked: “Why would a highly respected, highly experienced medical examiner who wasn’t at the autopsy — what was her rush? What would have been her rush to get the cause of death out there?” 

You know, on the death certificate of a medical examiner, a coroner, unlike death certificates of doctors and hospitals, there are five listings for manner of death: Natural, Accident, Suicide, Homicide, Undetermined. 

You have to check one of those boxes. To list ‘undetermined’ or pending — sometimes used in similar fashion — is not rare.  In fact, I think the more competent and more experienced and more intellectually comfortable a forensic pathologist is as an ME (Medical Examiner) and so on, is he or she is likely to use ‘undetermined.’ No rush.  I want to see things. I want to learn things.

When she issued that report, she could not have had all the microscopic tissue slides, she could not have had the toxicology report, and she absolutely did not have investigative reports from the US AG and the FBI etc etc.

So it does make you wonder.

The same thing like with J. Edgar Hoover within 24 hours telling the world that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin.

Let’s just say for a moment — I don’t want to digress, but let’s just say for a moment to make my point — that he truly believed that Oswald was a shooter. How in the world could he —  in 24 hours — have come to know that somebody else was involved?

How do they know that Cyril Wecht wasn’t the driver waiting to take Oswald to the airport?

How did he know that Jason Goodman wasn’t the pilot waiting to take Lee Harvey Oswald to Mexico?

How could he have known that?

So when you have these things in an RFK, an experienced criminal defense attorney not using a forensic pathologist or a ballistics expert to talk RFK’s wounds and so on… again we could talk about those another day, but when you have these things, anybody who is so naive as to believe the government’s hands, their filthy hands, are not on these cases early on is a simpleton or an incredibly patriotic naif that just believes that the US government would never! never! do these kinds of things. They only do this in Russia and China and some other tyrannical despotic nations, but never in the United States.

Is that right, huh? Yeah.  Our CIA and FBI together can make the secret agencies of other countries — except maybe for the Mossad of Israel — look like second raters.