You’ll have to head over to read the entire column for the links and more, but here are a few highlights of JJ Sefton’s observations I found particularly interesting:

  • Seb Gorka hits the nail right on the head:

    The Democrats have their own violent, armed wing. It’s no longer the Klan with their white hoods. It’s Antifa and their black masks.

    Lastly, Gorka is underscored by fellow American Greatness author Pedro Gonzalez, writing about the de-facto state-sponsored persecution that happened to Andy Ngo, Gavin McInnes at the hands of thug mayor Ted Wheeler, as well as the totalitarian proclivities of Oregon’s Democrat state legislature:

    …If California’s present is the demographic future of the United States, then Portland, Oregon, offers a glimpse into our totalitarian political future… War is coming to the Right, like it or not, and so far as we have seen our political leadership is unequipped for the fight.

    …knowing what we know about Robert Mueller, him helping the Saudis get away with mass murder would not shock me at all.

Brad Parscale is high on a Trump political dynasty. Normally, I’d be gun-shy about this, but a non-familial dynasty insofar as those who share his beliefs and eagerness to smash the globalist takeover should be encouraged. Victor Davis Hanson things the game is rigged for Joe Bidet, David Axelrod gets his digs in on the paste-eater, Kamala-Toe is a low-class whore, Tulsi Coffeecake warns about impeachment fever, Rahm Emanuel warns about crazy Dems pimping crazy socialism in 2020, two links about the alarming trend, especially in solid Texas, of GOP House incumbents retiring, Fauxca-Has-Been is, get this, supposedly being coached by the Chappaqua Choad, Tom Styrene will be at debate three, Mark Sanford is now also going to try to primary Trump, and a reminder to the Left that we are not a democracy.

Trump trolls CNN on this SharpieGate non-scandal, Bloomberg Law orders “omerta” on their lies about Trump appointee, did Jeffrey Epstein have blackmail pics on Slimes big-wigs?, pro-life group slams YouTube and Pinerest with legal action for censorship, the dangerous alliance of Google and the Chi-Coms, how Jon Stewart totally sabotage CNN’s arguably only balanced show, the rundown on the international nature of media bias in covering the latest news events and another look at the looming danger of this “social credit score” Orwellian nightmare.

This news that we were secretly negotiating with the Taliban is just a WTF were they thinking moment for me. I mean, really; what the fuck were they thinking? I understand Trump’s strategy in faking out opponents and letting them hang themselves. But these are Dark Age throwbacks. Get our troops out, nuke Kabul and be done with this place. Elsewhere, as Hong Kongians are desperate for us to help liberate them (um, that ain’t gonna happen), the Chi-Coms are actively trying to defeat Trump in 2020, two views on Brexit including an interesting take on Bo-Jo’s strategy, Iran now openly daring us to flatten Tehran, Michael Ledeen on Trump policy, Ambassador to Germany Grennell puts screws to Krauts to screw Hezbollah, and a call for Trump to slam Egypt for holding a citizen the way he slammed Sweden.


Absolutely nothing to see here, folks. Move along or be called a racist for daring to think that a Muslim migrant who was an American Airlines mechanic intentionally sabotaged the plane because of his religion. H8tr!!!


New documentary coming out – Hollywood and media attempts to bury it notwithstanding – about the Trayvon Martin hoax that set us back decades. Thanks Obama!