General Flynn won’t play ball on Hussein’s “Get Iran Into The Nuclear Family” plan.

So the General is fired.

And spied on, throughout. Illegally.

Incoming (Trump) is warned about one person to be sure NOT to use.

General Flynn.

Incoming taps General Flynn as National Security Adviser.

McCabe “First we fuck Flynn, then we fuck Trump” hellfire released.

Russians are expelled when the General is out of country.

The General’s reassuring call with Russians is monitored and transcribed by friendlies.

The General is jammed up on “lying to the FBI”, who had the transcript the entire time, and no need to ask the General what he said. The transcript is the best evidence of what the General said.

Criminal persecution of the General commences on two fronts. Lying to the FBI, which did not happen, about the Kislyak call, and a bogus FARA violation for consulting a Turkish company with ties to the Turkish government.

The General’s son is part of that advisory group.

The FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938) disclosure, a conspiracy between Eric Holder’s Covington law firm and the deep state persecutors, is an overly complicated, self-refuting, impossible to comprehend mess that is a hundred times longer than it should have been.

At their advice, the General signs it.

And now he’s guilty of violating it, by its own terms.

The General is given a choice. Plead guilty today to lying to the FBI, or tomorrow you and your son will be jammed up on FARA charges, with the full weight of the US government behind them.

The General pleads guilty.

Anons watch in slight amazement how every single time the General is up for a sentencing hearing, something pushes it off. And pushes it off. And pushes it off.

And then AG Bill Barr gets involved, tasks a US attorney to review the matter, and it is conclusively decided that there was no crime, there was no lying to the FBI, there is no chance a Logan Act charge will stick, and the FARA violation is pure bullshit.

General Flynn’s exoneration process begins with the dismissal of the case for lack of a crime. The rest will follow. The Judge will have an amazing opinion accepting the dismissal of the case, and exonerating the General.

And now here we are.

Right where the Hussein camp was terrified to be.

General Flynn, working for the next Administration, and knowing where to look to find all of their sedition, all of their treason, all of their corruption, and all of their evil deeds.

Being praised by the President as a great warrior before, and an even greater warrior now.

It is like this, the day before the war breaks out into the open. Long days, long nights, tons of hurry up and wait.

But when the flare goes up, all hell will break loose.

Stay frosty friends.

We’re here, right where we wanted to be, 42 months ago.


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