OK, I’m dumping this thread here because I think it helps us understand exactly what the deal is with the FBI’s infamously missing “302.”  You ready? Here we go…

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“This isn’t consistent with this statement to the Court by Flynn prosecutor Brandon Van Grack: The gov’t has produced “all versions in the government’s possession of the FBI report of the January 24, 2017 interview” of Flynn.”
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Jeff Jensen’s #1 Fan Beekman Cruger:
“RichardGrenell should declassify every version of every draft… and Joseph “Bigfoot” Pientka needs to located and answer questions.”

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However, the names of who interviewed Flynn are on record.

Wonder how many drafts they crafted until we got the February 15th draft conveniently crafted AFTER him leaving White House.

Just send Sally Yates to SA and let MBS hang her upside and beat her feet until she produces the missing 302, it’s her insurance policy….

Check out the Dan Bongino show today! I think he’s close enough for horse shoes vs hand grenades!!!

If bongino is right, it certainly explains why hussien is shitting his pants! I am so hopeful he will be exposed

This is Comey’s way. Remember when he exited Trump Tower after the piss tape briefing, he had the laptop on the backseat waiting for his notes and recollections & then he immediately briefed McCabe, Strzok on conference call. Why wouldn’t he expect this protocol from Strzok also

Once 302’s are uploaded to a case file they cannot be deleted…at least not by an agent…it exists….somewhere.

The entire thread can be read here.