Based on Q’s clues and investigations by REAL journalists George Webb and others — Lindsey Graham was “flipped” when he witnessed what happened to his ‘attached-to-the-hip,’ sidekick ‘partner-in-crime’ John “WetStart” McCain. Lindsey Graham was, in Q’s word, “Activated.”

Oct. 1, 2018 – Q Post # 2305

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I don’t think it took much to convince Lindsey who knew exactly what happened to McStain and definitely did not want his last meal to be a cyanide tab.


The traitorous sonofabitch “No Name” was at some undefined time arrested, fitted with a “house arrest” leg “bracelet” (on either leg, depending on the day of the week) while awaiting trial by a military tribunal, and was ultimately convicted of treason by said tribunal for betraying his country with his many, MANY crimes.


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Given the choice of lethal injection while strapped to a military gurney or  masticating a cyanide pill, the “War Hero” might have opted for the final chew.  “He went out on his own terms,” wife Cindy said.  I think we know what she was implying.

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I believe a family face-saving deal was struck:  30-days to put his affairs in order and arrange the details for his own funeral, the traitorous Senator’s (empty and unpressed wrinkled flag-draped) coffin would be publicly displayed in the nation’s Capitol for the world to see, followed by a respectable funeral for the Hanoi Hilton Songbird in exchange for  secretly “singing out” the names of associated traitorous criminals.

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Among them, the Clinton Foundation (CF) and how its blood money was diverted into McCain’s Institute (“non-profit”) Foundation to protect it when the black dollar flow was shut off (thanks to the Trump Team); about the Oil/Human Organ/Trafficking/Pedophile/Drug/Weapons ratlines he enabled while on the Senate Armed Services Committee; the nation topples of Libya, Kosovo and other countries and theft of their wealth and natural resources; the money laundering; the illicit deals with U.S. sanctioned countries; the formation and funding of ISIS…

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essentially ALL the filth and corruption in which Deep State McStain was involved.

Aug. 27, 2018 – Q Post #1935

Notably absent at McStain’s State Funeral  was our President Donald Trump, who would not and did not dignify this traitor by attending his last “hurrah.”


Also notable was (and is) the white hot hatred exhibited by Mrs. McCain and daughter Meghan toward our president.  They know how and WHY McStain died.


Lindsey and McStain (referred to as “No Name” by Q)  were inseparable. Thus Lindsey knows about and was party to the dirty deeds “No Name” McStain did to undermine our country, our military, our national security. He sold out our military while in Vietnam, and again in the Middle East. And trust me, Lindsey Graham knows it and has lots to hide.


But… the Trump Team needs Lindsey. During Trump’s first term, Lindsey chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee that shepherded the vote to NOT impeach Trump, and as importantly, oversaw the Judicial Nomination Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and throughout, the lower courts as well.  So Team Trump made Lindsey a deal – sing about your sins like your dead pal did and you’ll live to get off lightly, but every breath you take, you take by OUR rules because we OWN you.

Lindsey Graham is staying true to the script that’s been laid out for him. He doesn’t dare deviate from it though he’s taking (expected) heavy flak for refusing to bring Barack Hussein Obama before the Committee for a questioning about the Flynn set-up, despite the harangue he’s getting from the President. It’s not time yet. Act III, the final curtain is yet to be played out.

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A military lawyer (JAG) knows what happens to traitors, and he’s fortunate Trump’s team needs him or he’d be meeting “Maverick” in the River Styx.

It’s all part of “the Plan,” the same plan that decided McStain’s fate as noted by Q [“DEPARTURE SOON“] in an August 2018 drop.

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Knowing what I believe to be the reality cutting through the fog, I’m watching this play out with happy optimism. I’m adding to the puzzle’s grand picture by following Q’s drops and researching the messages therein. And paying attention to others whose Q decodes and specialized research skillfully place the pieces to the 2020-piece puzzle we’re building that will show the world the BIG picture — the TRUTH.

I’m thrilled to be part of and a witness to a most historic time in our nation’s story.

Puzzle pieces:

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