NATO/DTRA Couriers Move Bioweapons As Blood Pathogens

Part 2 of George Webb’s investigation on bioweapons and viruses.
[Transcribed by Connie Bevan, May 18th, 2020]

Some of the things that you may not remember in our series:

We talked about how would you do a covert bioweapons program? How would you do the things that normally you would do an FDA testing, covertly? You’re not going to be able to go out to an animal farm and openly test, you need to get your own animal farm, to be able to have your own operatives at the animal farm to covertly test, to covertly inject, to covertly spread, let’s say contagion through mosquitoes or ticks or fleas or whatever the vector was, or people. Or people.

We talked about the, right here in Maryland, the Purdue chicken farm, and why is Imran Awan sending email to the chicken farm, the Purdue farms?

We know DTRA and the Defense DoD maintains a lot of these chicken farms to prevent, to prepare vaccines every year, vaccines every year. These are secret locations, these are guarded locations. Why is Imran Awan sending this, it’s five hours away from Washington, DC. Remember he gets these motorcade treatment when he goes back to Pakistan as a returning hero, and he’s emailing somebody through the 1-2-3 Dropbox, 1-2-3 at house dot mail dot gov, to this chicken farm. Could that be for testing, could that be for testing?

Why is one of the other NATO Couriers in our story with Singapore Statistics, a health surveillance company?

Why is she communicating with Nanjing, China, in 2016, four years before the Wuhan Military Games?

Why is she going to Oklahoma to a pig farm, a veterinary college that does animal testing?

Why is she communicating with the CDC through the Georgia Technology Authority?

Normally an organization involved in health surveillance, right?

Why is there a Virginia Benassi that’s writing the R&D document for ‘here are the next five pathogens we see coming our way, and, oh, by the way, here are the next five vaccines we see are coming our way?’

And we are going to go ahead and write that with Sina Bavari, the guy who leaves the door open at Fort Detrick. We’re going to go and write that and he’s going to go out and start four start-ups, seemingly to take advantage of that inside knowledge, that inside trader knowledge that he has.

So, the key here, the key point tonight is the one-two-three, putting together the one-two-three.

What you saw in the first three years of this episode was the ONE and the TWO: the nuclear, the dark weapons channels and ratlines, the chemical dark channels and ratlines.

And what you’re seeing now is the THREE, the bioweapons dark weapons, all done with the same network, all done with the same network communication devices, all done with the same encryption, all done with the same small group of people, like Rockefeller, like Hank Greenberg, like URENCO.

Start-ups that are coming forward with the vaccines are going to be the pivotal players, going to be the pivotal players. If you drill down and you go back, and you go Martial Law, you are now, you’re living that.

So we have to look behind and inside the dark Blackberries, we have to look into what was dropped into the 1-2-3 Dropbox. We have to look at the network of communications to get at the bad actors.

So, thanks very much for joining me tonight. The big idea here, the 1-2-3 Dropbox is going to include bioweapons. Follow the NATO Blackberries, follow the 1-2-3 Dropbox.