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CoronaVirus Scare Installs NATO’s Moncef Slaoui
Part 1
[Transcribed by Connie Bevan, May 20th, 2020]
Okay, it’s May 19th [sic-20th], 2020, and I wanted to talk about the new Vaccine Czar.
The new Vaccine Czar is a guy by the name of Slaoui, I believe that’s how you pronounce it, S-l-a-o-u-i. He is a French speaker, Francophone from Morocco. He was in Mons, M-o-n-s, France, you may remember I published a video where I went to Mons, which is the NATO world head SHAPE Headquarters for the Supreme Allied Commander which is always an American. That was the, during that time was Stavridis, Admiral Stavridis, as they were planning the Libya invasion, the illegal Libya invasion and bombing, as well as Syria, soon to follow after that.
So, this gentleman is Moncef Slaoui, PhD. He has investments in this Moderna, you may have heard a lot about the stock market yesterday in the movement of a potential vaccine. This is a very untested MRNA, Messenger RNA, vaccine technology, Thalidomide has had far more success in terms of its testing than this, its very early days as opposed to hydroxychloroquine, HCQ, which is 80 years, 80 years of long track record as well as being cheap.

But we’re being rushed into this, much like a 9/11 solution, like we said. So we thought, well, why don’t we learn a little bit about who these players are so that we can make a rational decision rather than a knee-jerk decision about rolling forward with this completely brand new technology. It’s even, it makes thalidomide, which was known for it’s early success in drug trials but then horrific side effects, generational side effects, that occurred later on. It’s worth talking about before we rush to this solution.
So this Slaoui, is 30 years with GlaxoSmithKline, the largest provider of vaccines in the world, this British Company, but he has many connections that you might not know about.
Again, he is involved, not only with Moderna on their board, but also a sort of a DARPA of biotech in Southeast Asia. It’s called A*Star which is the agency, Science and Technology and Research group, started in 2003 in Singapore, but it’s very much part of this ecosystem of virus-vaccine.

You have the virus or the bioweapon and whatever it happens to be, you deploy it and then you do an assessment, you do a tag and trace, you do surveillance, and that’s where Singapore Statistics comes in that I’ve talked about, and you have a lot of NATO Couriers with Singapore Statistics and you have a guy who came up through the NATO ranks, like Slaoui did. He went right from Mons, France, the SHAPE Headquarters there for NATO, straight to Brussels where the UN and the WHO were based.
So he’s been a very much a vaccine player, and he’s also one of these authors of this World Health Organization R & D Blueprint for Viruses and Vaccines. He’s been the key person to push the CEPI, the preparatory group for the next pandemic. He’s been predicting pandemics and saying we need a pandemic to see the need of his technology platform.
We talked about the MVA Technology Platform yesterday. This is what is being positioned by Sina Bavari from Fort Detrick, the person we have continually told you about, offering the R & D paper for the World Health Organization.
We’ve talked to you about Virginia Benassi offering it, being the World Health Organization Secretariat Representative. Sort of a NATO Representative, writing a paper as a technical officer.
We’ve talked to you about how chemical weapons and biological weapons were used by NATO in Libya and Syria, and Sudan and Yemen after that. But we’ve really been consistent in our message here for four years.
So, a little bit of his background. He was the Head of Global Vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline. He, GlaxoSmithKline kind of swapped their portfolio with Novartis and bought up all their vaccine intellectual property.

But he also is the Chairman of the Board of this Galvani Biotech. It’s a joint venture with Google to use actual transducers, and so forth, then you find nerve bundles to actually do neural modulation, so this is sort of the, you know, using the neural modulation of your axons could prevent autoimmune diseases, for instance, where an autoimmune disease is an overreaction, neural modulation could potentially turn down the volume, et cetera, on your immune responses. There’s a whole bunch of diseases that are caused autoimmune. You know all of them, arthritis, et cetera.
So, and, but this Galvani is a very much a joint venture with Alphabet, which is a CIA backed venture fund with Google. It is a Google company.


And so very much here we have a very state-supported, very much a person who wants to move kind of the deep state technology forward.

You’ve got an agency, the A*Star, which is basically DARPA off-shoring the stuff that’s unsavory that we can’t DARPA in the United States, so we get away from the restrictions that we have with certain types of testing and certain types of surveillance, and the certain types of deployment, and that’s who we have here.
He also works directly for the Qatar Foundation which is owned by the Royal family of Qatar. So he has ties to the Royal family of Qatar, and very strong ties to Joe Biden. Very strong ties to Joe Biden.
Harry the Greek, as you might know him, or has an excellent new article out about him. Mons maybe on the border, and may be in Belgium, now that I think about it. It’s right on the French border, but like I said, I was there meeting some folks there ten years ago as we were gearing up for the war in Libya.
So, yeah, I think the, Slaoui I guess is the way you pronounce his name, his favorite politician is Joe Biden, he was very supportive of him. He talked a lot about, in his interviews back then, basically about how this Blueprint that we talked about, this WHO Blueprint, took 77 different CDC diseases that had no vaccine and they picked out 13 of them, they picked out 13 of them, and then they offered up that MVA Platform.

So it’s sort of like Microsoft file formats: if you own the file format, you’re going to own the research going forward. If you own the tools, and everyone has to use Microsoft Office, let’s say, you’re going to be on the inside track as far as being able to charge royalties.
So these ties to kingdoms have been a classic way of laundering money by the Central Intelligence Agency. These, by neighbors of Qatar consider them a rogue nation, a terrorist nation. There’s lots of arguments with Bahrain in particular, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, so that’s outlined in Harry the Greek’s article here which I’m going to use as a basis.
A very strong relationship with Eric Schmidt of Google. Again, this is a way of getting around Election law by laundering money through biotechs.

GlaxoSmithKline built a huge center here in Rockville, Maryland, kind of nestled in the NIH’s bosom there, near – not far from Fort Detrick and not far from the NIH where Fauci is.
It just all seems very scripted and where it seems like this crisis, this ‘plandemic,’ is to force us into funding this brand new technology, and these efforts through the Galvani Biosciences and also with Google seem to be a way of locking in over the next 30 years.

Their recommendation is 30 different vaccines that people should have, and it’s not like kids where you can give four or five at once. You’re going to have to get these 30 vaccines over time.