Q posted this on Nov. 1st, 2017.  What we’re learning is that Q told us from the very beginning how all this will end.  This was a very early message — the  34th Post dropped. Anons did not realize at the time that this message was meant for NOW, not Nov. 1, 2017. Going back and reviewing Q’s first messages explains so much now.  Future is indeed proving the past posts as we’re watching it all unfold. Will John Podesta and Huma Abedin be arrested on the dates noted below? Perhaps. Perhaps not. What IS important is that you read (or revisit) the early Q posts to understand the absolute brilliance of this military plan, worked out well in advance.

(Note: Dave at X22 Report “gets it” and explains it well in this video report.)

Read this Nov 1, 2017 post to understand what is going on now.

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