Q Post 4414 – USSS Castle-Rock

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In the United States military’s strategic nuclear weapon nuclear command and control (NC2) system, an Emergency Action Message (EAM) is a preformatted message that directs nuclear-capable forces to execute specific Major Attack Options (MAOs) or Limited Attack Options (LAOs) in a nuclear war.

Castle Rock??? ⇓⇓⇓


EAM = Emergency Action Msg (vital msg/extremely time-sensitive). Ours or [theirs]?

RED = Highest alert level? (Last “RED” refs = instructions re: POTUS Small Biz tweet).

Steps 1-6: White hat events or DS?  Clsfd movement of Pelosi OR Pence?  Is Esper DS?

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  1. So this was very cryptic, what I’d implied. They are aware of the whereabouts of Pence and Pelosi, OK?. Esper is deep state or not.So someone has control of nukes. Not the Pres.?

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    1. It’s a continuity of government issue, I believe. Pence and Pelosi will be secreted in a safe place as will the President when/if the time comes to protect them. The President, we are told by Q, will be safely aboard AF1 for the duration of the crisis until it is passed. (At least, that’s my interpretation/understanding of this.)

  2. AF1 and company just flew over my house. Lake Havasu Arizona has a spot called castle rock, it’s just down the street.

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