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Despite the pea-brain of Maine’s liberal Democrat Governor Whatserface, folks drove to interior town Guilford, Maine from as far as coastal areas to see, welcome (and some to protest) President Trump as he visited the Puritan Medical Facility, maker of medical swabs.


Guilford, a town of 1500 in an economically depressed state located in the northeastern corner of the nation, swelled to several thousand who stood five and six deep along the roadside to welcome Trump’s motorcade as he made his way to tour Puritan Medical Products, a company that makes swabs for coronavirus tests.

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The President earlier met in Bangor at a roundtable discussion with Maine’s commercial fishermen and signed a proclamation opening up commercial fishing in a conservation area off the New England coast that had been closed by the Obama Administration, effectively strangling Maine’s fishing industry.


POTUS Remarks at Roundtable supporting America’s commercial fishermen

So we’re giving Maine back a big part of its history, a big part of its industry, and we’re giving you back your fishing rights to 5,000 miles of square miles that’s a lot. Boy, that’s a big chunk. That’s a big chunk of water, isn’t that right?

So, do very well. Say hello to the people of Maine. They’re great people. They were very nice to me, I’ll tell you that. And I appreciate it very much, but I know you appreciate it much more than I do because you’re getting a lot more than I am. Okay? So good luck everybody.

(The executive order is signed.)

And they’re going to work on those other things with Peter and David. Okay? (Applause.)

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During the roundtable, the President and former Maine Governor Paul LePage were critical of Gov. Janet Mills’ handling of the coronavirus outbreak and the impact on the economy. Trump said Mills was “like a dictator.”

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Meanwhile, Sen. Susan Collins was a no show as the President visited her State. The heavily liberal Portland Press Herald located in the Democrat laden south of Maine, published a scathing anti-Trump editorial on the day of his visit.