I would bet that Nancy Pelosi has had this law enforcement legislation bill in her desk drawer for quite a while, just waiting for the right opportunity to pull it out for a vote. She’s the cabal’s “go to” gal, a gun moll for the mob.

I would also bet that this George Floyd “murder” by a so-called “police officer’ was a set-up to precipitate this very opportunity to weaken our police forces.

False flag. All cleverly and diabolically planned.  All part of the deep state cabal’s effort to leave us even more vulnerable to their goons and thugs who are paid by the evil one Soros and others to create chaos, to incite our aimless and ignorant generation of mush-skulls to rampage, pillage, and create war-torn cities that can then be used to blame Trump and his supporters (that would be us, folks.)

My gut tells me this is all a charade. An act. Theater.

We don’t even know for certain that George Floyd — if that was even his true name – was indeed killed on that street.  Many of us suspect that Derek Chauvin is not a police officer at all but instead, a crisis actor to either enact this false flag, or conversely, to take out George Floyd because Floyd broke the cartel’s rules by eating off their counterfeit money platter.

I watched as much of today’s House Judiciary Hearing on Police Reform, chaired by that bozo Jerold Nadler, as I could stomach. I am insulted and furious that they are bamboozling us — at the cost of our taxpayers’ dollars because make no mistake, we’re footing the bill for this made-for-television Congressional hearing theater — all to assist the Obama Left in their relentless determination to bring us – our country  – to our knees (literally) all in their desperate and determined resolution to retain their clutch on power, lest their despicable corruption be revealed and they be held to account.

I believe what we are witnessing is false flag theater as scripted and phony as past fake events, to ultimately weaken and destroy President Trump and his efforts to take them out — drain the swamp.

What a joke.  Only I’m not laughing…

And they’re not quitting.