This from our friend Dr. Shawn Greener, who puts it all in historic perspective:

That statement contributes to my belief that this dude hoped it would be viewed as a noose.

NASCAR isn’t the place to play the race card.

Why is it acceptable to assume that because it’s a sport originating in the South and it’s predominantly Southern white male drivers and teams, that it’s also predominantly populated by whites who don’t like blacks?

Whites can be generalized as assumed to be racist just by the color of their skin, but black skin is never racist?

Is Ice Hockey Racist against blacks?

As you read the interview you’ll discern something interesting. Bubba Wallace seems disappointed the news isn’t plastered with:

‘FBI CONFIRMS HATE CRIME AGAINST 1/2 Black Bubba Wallace-NASCAR is reeling!’
‘Wallace said he was frustrated because the incident has some questioning his character.’

I didn’t question your character before all this BLM & Confederate Flag Crap, but I sure do question your character and your motives now.

It IS NOT A NOOSE. It wasn’t then, it isn’t now. It was ALWAYS just a harmless garage door pull.

Great job throwing your entire sport under a bus for a nonexistent wrong.

Living off of an old old OLD story that hasn’t been true for a very long time is weak. Profitable but weak. Race-baiting perpetually aggrieved hustlers have never minded that the story isn’t true.

The truth has never gotten in the way of their destructive endgame which is to take from you and to give to themselves.

They never improve the places or people where they peddle the most racism, Democrat led and populated cities.

Yet, white people and Republicans are always the villain of their lies.
Do you now get the connection? President Donald Trump goes to the Daytona 500 and now NASCAR is racist… because Donald Trump is racist!

And, so are YOU if you watch NASCAR.

The race peddlers destroy everything they touch with their greed fueled hatred, including themselves.

Don’t let them destroy our country.

Dr Shawn Michael Greener