Here’s a twatter (from) Sherlock who sees a decode between Q’s “Promontory drop” today and Q’s last Promontory the day BEFORE the G-Max (Ghislaine Maxwell) arrest in July. The thread goes on to speculate that it might involve Corney as POTUS says “3121” during the rally and Q post 3121 is a portrait of Conrney (Corn-ey)himself.

Also, the thread mentions the annoying person who kept holding up the book “The Memo” during the rally. He was dead center and I found it very odd how he would keep raising it.

So the speculations (sic) is that the “Promontory” Drop today signals a major arrest tomorrow (or taking the “easy way out”) based on Q’s July 1 Promontory Drop and G-Max’s arrest the NEXT day.

POTUS saying “3121” references Q Drop 3121 which is a portrait of Comey, coupled with the annoying “The Memo” book being raised a half dozen times or more during the Rally (now who would do that and why?) may be a clue that Corn-ey might be in the news tomorrow with an arrest, or with a doorknob and scarf.

I didn’t figure this out. It’s all laid out in Sherlock and his friend’s twatter threads: