Read on the Q Research Page. I can’t vouch for this, but it does line up with several reports by Dave at X22 Report.

“In 2008-09, USA banks were in the hole 29 Trillion because they gambled Interest on a national amount of 600 Trillion.

In 2012, the Fed Reserve bailed out the banks. The USA taxpayers paid the Fed Reserve. Every year since 2012, USA banks continued their horrid usury gambling. So much that very year the Federal Reserve had to pump 700B to 1T in money to keep the charade going.

POTUS comes in 2017, thank God, and the party is ending. No more monetary policy set by the Federal Reserve. He hangs Andrew Jackson’s portrait in the White House and it is ON!

The USA banks have put themselves into a bigger hole than they were in in 2008-09. The national amount they owe interest on is 785 Trillion. End of Feb 2020 they had to come up with 22 Trillion to cover bad positions. They go to POTUS with hat in their hand and he tells them and the Fed Reserve to go eff themselves.

The Fed Reserve has to bail out all the bad positions the banks hold…or eff off and let their fixed income/capital markets divisions take huge losses.

But POTUS tells the banks they cannot screw their retail suckers savings. Holding them hostage and telling them “we are going broke if we don’t get bailed out.” So all the CEO’s of banks go to the White House on 3/7/20 and have to tell all the citizens, ‘we have plenty of money on cash reserves. Don’t worry, we ain’t closing, there is plenty of $$$ for all of you.’

After the 22T payment, the Fed dumped another 5 Trillion into all the banks, propping up these failed programs and products. Usury has ended.

Reason Treasuries are close to zero, and the Fed stated they will remain at zero until 2024. Next shoe to fall is the corporate lending bubble. You got all these college illiterates crying about 1.5 Trillion in student loans… The corporate lending bubble is 9 Trillion. And 4 Trillion of that 9T is bad loans propping up the original 5T. These bankers really are irresponsible.

I get all this info from economists and think tanks. You would be surprised how many liberal ivy league schools have just as many conservatives writing stuff.

The Federal Reserve, ECB and IMF are in trouble. The world’s money has imploded. No more interest. The bill has come due. USA is going to be based on Production and Rebuilding our infrastructure. Teamwork.”

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