Oct. 28, 2020

RUSH: Okay. I have to apologize. I guess I misunderstood what our previous caller was asking. She was asking what is Trump gonna do if there are riots, like call out the National Guard. Trump can’t do that. Governors have to do that, and the only way it can happen is if the governors of the state ask for Trump to do it, and that would be bringing in federal assets.

But the president can’t. He keeps talking about this at his rallies. He could clean up Portland in 30 minutes. He could clean up Seattle in 30 minutes. He could clean up Minnesota, Minneapolis, in 30 minutes. But they don’t want him to. So, folks, if Trump wins, the left is going to riot like they always do, and the question then will become, “What will local law enforcement do to stop it, if anything?”


RUSH: If the riots are led by African-Americans, then law enforcement’s not gonna do much. If the riots are led by, like, Black Lives Matter — which is not a civil rights organization but instead is a Marxist political organization. If they lead the riots or if a bunch of women wearing vagina hats lead the riots, then there’s gonna be a political component to it. Law enforcement’s gonna be very nervous about moving in.”


RUSH: I think that’s all… I think heads need to roll. I think heads need to crack. If there’s any kind of civil unrest where property is being destroyed, people are being hurt, mayhem is happening, it’s got to stop. Law and order must triumph and prevail. But that’s what this past year has been about: Defunding the police for doing their job.

Look, I know at the root of this that everybody wishes that there would be unity, that we could just put all this stuff aside and can’t we all just get along? Can’t we just find whatever we have in common and build on it? That’d be great, but there isn’t anything we have in common, folks. That’s why I keep saying these people have to be defeated every chance there is to defeat them.


In middle school, high school, college, they’ve been immersed in it. They’ve now become adults, having simmered in this hatred, and they have no outlet for it, other than to destroy property and engage in general mayhem. What you’re really asking is, “Is there anything Trump can do to unify us? Can we get rid of all of these arguments? Can we get rid of the disagreements we have?”

No, folks.

Not now.

I’m not trying to be a pessimist.

I’m the mayor of Realville.

People are gonna have to be defeated.

“But, Rush, every time they lose, they just get crazier!”

Yes, they do. I know. That’s the price. (Snort!) You want to let ’em win just so they’ll be nice? By the way, they’re never gonna be nice. You let them win; you can say good-bye to your freedom and liberty, folks — and I’m not exaggerating there, either. You let them win on the basis that maybe we’ll be able to coexist peacefully, and it’s gonna be bye-bye to what you believe in.

…This stuff has to end. And if local law enforcement is not gonna do it for political reasons, then other steps and other measures need to be taken, because we’re talking about public health and public safety. And the reason stuff hasn’t been done now is simply because the Democrats in these cities and states have been trying to set things up where Trump gets punished politically for all of the unrest.

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