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From my text conversation with a friend earlier this evening.

“The Great Reset”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. And my RN Cousin in law believes the hype the CDC cranks out. And my Cousin in France who’s already anti-American is back under lockdown and reading they hype and thinks I’m irresponsible for not wearing a mask and locking myself into my house.
    I wrote them that I’m responsible only for my health. If they want to live in fear of a virus “now” when they did not in 2009 with H2N1, that’s their choice. I’m 76 with a 94% chance of getting sick. And if I do, my doctor is giving me the meds to cure me and my chance of dying is 6%. I’ll take those odds and go enjoy myself.
    Problem is – I don’t have close neighbors and too many people where I live are afraid. Mostly because they’re over 60 and aren’t in the best of health.

    Gotta find some interesting activities and meet new people. But only if they don’t insist on masks!
    Where are the hazmat bins?

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