Remember Doug Stamper, played by actor Michael Kelly in the Netflix series HOUSE OF CARDS?

Doug was the dark and haunted character who did all of Frank Underwood’s (played by Kevin Spacey) dirty work. Really dirty work. Vince Foster kind of dirty work.

Doug Stamper reminded me then of John Podesta, Bill and Hillary’s consigliere, the guy who “took care of things,” leaving the Clintons able to claim plausible deniability if ever questioned about mysterious deaths, suicides, and murders that frequently occurred in their spider web.

Doug Stamper-John Podesta, the wetworks handyman. A creature with demons of his own that compelled him to commit horrible crimes against those who threatened the Clintons’… er… Underwoods’ power.

When “Q” military intelligence wrote on Nov. 1, 2017 that John Podesta was slated to be arrested on Nov. 4, anon researchers thought that mean his arrest was imminent.

What we subsequently realized was that “Q” was projecting us into the future – vaulting us ahead three years hence into 2020. Nov. 3, 2020, to be exact.

Whether or not John Podesta is nabbed remains to be seen. “Q” also told us that occasionally it is necessary to post misinformation to throw off the deep state cabal because they also read “Q’s” messages. At times, Q addresses them directly.

“Q” also told us that the first arrest would get everyone’s attention. Will it be Podesta?

Regardless, take heart, be of good cheer and maintain your confidence. We are winning. And we’re going to have a YUGE victory tomorrow, as we make history on Election Day 2020.