Lou Dobbs is an ass. I’m sorry but he takes up his guests’ time with his gurgling inanities. Who cares what Dobbs thinks? Do you? I’m tuned in to hear Dobbs’ guests like Devin Nunes who was on tonight. Dobbs browbeat him for the GOP’s lack of support for Trump. Really? Really.

Devin Nunes, of all people! What the hell???

Dobbs needs to clear the annoying phlegm from his throat and keep his mouth shut. What is it with these Fox “hosts” who talk over their guests and take up their time? It’s Hannity-ingly maddening. They all do it. Laura (ugh), Harris Faulkner, and when he was there — Bill O’Reilly.

Dobbs is one of the very few I will occasionally watch, depending on who he has on. And I always regret it. Definition of insanity?

And while I’m on my rant, what is with Maria Bartiromo (who has the most mispronounced name in television.) She is so hyped up she positively yells at her audience and guests. She’s a smart person, but her high-decibel shrillness assaults my sensibilities, the way a used car salesman or dinged appliance warehouse owner can. I can’t reach fast enough for the volume on the remote.

It is exasperating. And so unappealing. Am I the only one who’s noticed?

I’d listen to those insufferable and constant My Pillow ads or Emu at Liberty Mutual anytime over the likes of TV screamers and phlegm gurglers.

(sigh…) Back to Christmas movies… and podcasts of my own choosing, where the hosts TALK to me instead.

And… serendipitously, a friend just emailed me this:

“Hannity “bitches”about republicans who do not step up. Is Hannity really stepping up or just selling books?

What if Hannity was pressured to take on republicans one at a time to challenge them to be on his program and loudly call them out by name. Perhaps give voters from their districts an opportunity to question them on air.

Do not know if I really trust Hannity but do know that I do not trust a whole lot of republican. Bill Posey is a personal friend, but perhaps he can be one of the first to be challenged by Hannity.

Whatcha think? After he does a couple of them, others might defer – if they do, perhaps they could be apprised that they are going to be “primaried’.

Brief and wild, but just wanted to get across the gist of an idea.”