From the Q Research Board – the anons are digging!!! Do you recognize any of these names? You will eventually, sooner rather than later… chances are VERY good they’re involved in election fraud, among other … “things.”

On homepage of the OSET INSTITUTE Foundation, it shows “Black lives matter. And Black voters matter.” Go figure.

Initial funders:

Mitch Kapor → Founder of Lotus

Alecs Totic → Developer of the Mosaic browser & cofounder and partner at Netscape Communications

Matt Mullenweg → Original developer of WordPress

Chris Kelly → Chief Privacy Officer, first General Councel, and Head of Global Public Policy of Facebook (all former positions)


Edward (Eddie) Perez, Global Director of Technology Development & Open Standards

→ 2003-2018 Director of Product Management, Hart InterCivic

Strategic Advisors

Jake H. Braun

→ 2019-2020 Iowa State Director, Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign

→ 2009-2011 White House Liason to the DHS

→ 2008-2009 Deputy Director for the National Security Agencies Review, Presidential Transition Team (Obama

→ 2008 National Deputy Field Director, Obama

→ 2004 Michigan Field Director, John Kerry

→ Co-founder, DEF CON Voting Machine Hacking Village

Aneesh Chopra

→ 2009-2012 CTO, Obama administration

Joseph Lorenzo Hall

→ Currently CTO, Center for Democracy and Technology

William (Bill) Crowell

→ Currently Member, DHS Science and Tech Advisory Board

→ 2007-2014 Chairman of the DNI Security Advisor Group

→ 1994-1997 Deputy Director of Operations, NSA (ran core signals intel mission)

→ 1999 Member, President’s Export Council

Frank Digiammarino

→ 2018-Present EVP, Innovation Strategy, Booz Allen Hamilton

→ 2016-Present Co-founder, Accelerated Digital Ventures (UK)

→ 2012-2016 General Manager, US State and Local Government, AWS

→ 2009-2011 Director, Recovery Implementation Office and other positions, White House (Obama)

→ Member, National Academy of Science Economic Innovation Forum

Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Institute’s Initial Funders and Advisory Board – Lots of Dems and former employees from BHO’s admin and DARPA, creator of Lifelog which became FACEBOOK.

Douglas Maughan

→ 2019-Present Office Head, Convergence Accelerator, National Science Foundation

→ 2003-2019 Division Director and Program Manager, DHS

→ 1999-2003 Program Manager, DARPA

→ 1987-1989 Senior Computer Scientist, NSA

Richard DeMelllo

→ Professor, Computing and Management, Georgia Tech

→ Former CTO, Hewlett-Packard Company

→ Former Executive Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bell Communications Research)

→ Former executive, National Science Foundation

David R.R. Webber

→ 2019-2020 COO, R.O.M.E. Energy

→ 2017-2019 Global Smart City and Public Safety Expert, Huawei Technologies

→ 2005-2007 Consultant at NIH, Nortel Government Solutions

Phil Keisling

→ 1991-1999 Oregon SoS

Lenny Mendonca

→ 2019-Present Chief Economic and Business Advisor, State of California

→ 1983-Present Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Co

→ Currently Member, Council on Foreign Relations

Heather Smith

→ 2020 Advisor, Organizing Corps 2020 (Democrats)

→ 2016 Founding Partner, Seven Strategies

→ 2007-Present Board member and former President, Rock the Vote

→ 2009-Present Member, Trojan Sexual Health Advisory Council

→ 1998-2003 Organizing team, Green Corps

_________ MORE __________

Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Institute 501.c.3 org is supported by the Knight Foundation, RockTheVote, and WordPress; NSA’s former Dep Dir, others are Strategic Advisors

Its Twitter page mentions that it worked with NBC to debunk POTUS’ claims.

This organization also rolled out the TrustTheVote campaign.

Initial people who provided funding: Mitch Kapor, Alecs Totic, and Matt Mullenweg. Chris Kelly and Dr. Michael Henry subsequently joined and provided funding.

The Core Team, in turn, takes direction from a stakeholder community.

That community is comprised of:

State and local elections officials (largest percentage of the community)

Voting and elections organizations

Staff members of U.S. Congress and State Legislatures

Academic research institutes

Select corporate R&D contributors

Public software and hardware developers

Board of Directors

Gregory Miller, Co-Founder, Chair & COO

E. John Sebes, Co-Founder, CTO

Chris Kelly

Peter F. Harter

Gunnar Hellekson

Edgard Quiroz

Stacey Paynter

John B. Gage

Strategic Board Advisors

Dr. David Bader, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Chris Barr, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Jake Braun, CEO, Cambridge Global Advisors

Deborah Bryant, Redhat

Aneesh Chopra, Former U.S. CTO; NavHealth

William P. Crowell, Former Dep. Dir. NSA; Alsop Louie Partners

Dr. Rich DeMillo, Georgia-Tech

Frank DiGiamarinno, Booz | Allen | Hamilton (former: Accelerated Ventures; AWS)

Joseph Hall, CTO, Center for Democracy and Technology

Phil Keisling, Former Oregon State Secretary

Doug Maughan, Office Head, Convergence Accelerator at the National Science Foundation (former: DHS Cybersecurity Directorate)

Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners; Author, “Zucked: The Education of an Unlikely Activist”

Lenny Mendonca, Former McKinsey & Co., Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

Norm Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute

Deepak Puri, Former VMWare; Co-Founder, Democracy Labs

Jeff Ricchetti, Ricchetti, Inc.

Simon Rosenberg,

Barbara Simons, Former IBM; Verified Voting Foundation

Stephanie Singer, Former City Commissioner, Philadelphia, PA; Free & Fair

Bryan Sivak, Former CTO, DHHS

Heather Smith, Rock The Vote

Theresa Swinehart, ICANN

Joe Trippi, Trippi & Associates

David R.R. Webber, Horizon Industries, Ltd. Manchester, England U.K.