Liz Cheney – ““Full spectrum arrogance”

Steve Bannon is all over it, “in her grill,” as he says.
She is “The daughter of a potential war criminal…”

Steve Bannon’s description of Liz Cheney who has been censured by her state legislature  (vote was 58 – 7) in Wyoming and told to resign, comes on national TV (Sunday morning) (she’s polling at 10%, by the way) — the arrogance of her to go on there, no remorse — that’s going to be in 30-second spots.

The problem is this – it’s a Kevin McCarthy problem — who begged for “his team” to support her — shows his lack of leadership, lack of spine, and you can’t run and hide from this.

 Don Jr. came out today in Daily Mail said he’s going to campaign against her.

At Brown University they estimated 7 to 9 trillion dollars cost us to be in Iraq and Iran — the treasure AND the blood — 15,000 dead, another 15,000 wounded. The lies of of the Cheney family… this is the elites. The globalist elites.

A generation of kids killed because of their global elitism – their arrogrance. She’s the daughter of a potential war criminal – a stone cold liar – and her arrogance….

She went on national TV to say what she thought of your state event on Saturday, Wyoming. She couldn’t be bothered to attend her state’s meeting.  She’s not going to answer any of the state voters’ questions.

Luckily we live in America where rubes still get to vote. Rep Cheney said we’re mistaken, that Antifa didn’t storm the Capitol.  How does she have the facts if its’ still being investigated, as she herself said.
“What part of the constitution is she upholding by voting to impeach Trump?”

Who’s on trial? We are. They want to toxic us, shame us. They want to silence us into submission. This has very little to do with Trump — but they’re still afraid of us. They know we broke the back of their big Union conglomerate and we’re going to do it again… refers to Molly Ball’s piece in TIME.


Fresh off an overwhelming condemnation by her state party, Liz Cheney goes on Fox News to give sound bites for the Democrats and accuse her constituents in Wyoming of being stupid rubes.

Stephen K. Bannon said it was “full spectrum arrogance” for Cheney, the daughter of “a potential war criminal, who did lie to the American people,” to attack President Trump for “lies.” 

Cheney was censured by the Wyoming GOP by a 56 to 8 vote in Rawlins on Saturday morning. Cheney did not bother to show up.

Instead, Cheney bashed her own voters with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Bannon said this reveals a bigger problem within the GOP: Kevin McCarthy

“The problem here are not the folks in Wyoming, this is a McCarthy problem,” said Bannon. “This shows you your lack of leadership, your lack of spine. She represents you.”

“We understand you don’t understand policy, we understand you’re no good on television, you can’t message because you can’t think on your feet. You’re like the pledge chairman,” Bannon said of McCarthy. “This myth that McCarthy got this big victory? That was Donald J. Trump, on his shoulders.”

“This is a woman who polls at 10 percent,” Bannon said, while President Trump polls at over 90 percent with Republicans. 

Joey Correnti IV, the chairman of the Carbon County GOP who was the first to censure Cheney for betraying her state, said Cheney had a staff member send an email 10 minutes before Saturday’s meeting saying she was “busy” inside the beltway.

“She kept using the word ‘we’ and then she goes and basically says we the rest of us in Wyoming are idiots,” Correnti said. “Does she own the franchise of us as a group? Or is she talking to her stakeholders?”

“Luckily we live in America where even rubes get to vote,” Correnti said.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. War Room was really good this morning. They really got hot under the collar about Liz. But what I found interesting is the interview with Mike Lindell and what that man is going through is against all we have believed in as Americans. How a private citizen can come up with all that information and NOTHING from the FBI, DOJ, CIA. Give me a break. Over 20 million views since Friday.

  2. The FBI has proven to be completely useless- Trump can form a brand new group of fine people with the help of Gen. Flynn. The CIA has shown they are not Central anything, Not at all Intelligent, in any situation, and behave like an agency of a “Get Smart” TV sitcom from decades past. Don Jr. could choose some great potential loyalists to work in the DOJ. New hires and appointees would be screened by Don Jr. with a Lie Detector on the table in front of the candidate, finger hooked up and needle jumping. President Trump and his best and closest advisors could keep a finger on the pulse of this activity to spot potential problems. A skeleton crew of loyal, honest, intelligent people would work hard to handle all of the business thoroughly, if not as quickly as the fakes and frauds that now make up the DOJ.
    At least President Trump would not have to wear a Flak Jacket in their presence, have them frisked daily, have them to wear ‘wires’ day and night and be surveilled 24-7 to know what crimes they are involved in. The Big 3 need to go; untrustworthy. No medals, no Certificates of Merit, just Adios. They will all be ‘spittin’ angry for being busted from the best job in the world, and busy learning to write books about Lies, and with “Lies” in the titles. These arrogant angry people will have to Earn a Living doing something other than stirring up trouble, and being useless. If Don Jr. is lucky, he might find 10-15 of them worth keeping. I would love to see a video of ALL of them being removed, and walking out of the building for the last time, single file, so we can get a good look at these abject failures. A great example of a serious Change of the Guard. Drastic Times call for Drastic Measures.

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