Lin Wood writes such beautiful messages of encouragement and hope. Even as he admits his failures and imperfections, he carries the message of Christ throughout like this one, posted this afternoon.


For too long, We The People turned a blind eye to election tampering, to dishonest political leaders driven by greed and self-promotion, to suppression of our free speech, to pedophilia, to child sex trafficking, to bizarre rulings by a certain Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, to public pronouncements in support of “depopulation” by the likes of Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates, to the atrocities committed by Jeffrey Epstein and his buddies, to never-ending wars, and the list goes on and on.

I am guilty of turning a blind eye for too long. But I woke up in 2020 and saw the color revolution coming to gain full control of our country. Then November 3 happened. I am wide awake now. Are you?

There is no easy fix. But a fix there must be if We The People genuinely want our country back and our freedom protected and maintained.

We The People have ALL the power.

With the eye of God on us directing our path, We The People have the power to restore our country and our humanity.

Never stop speaking TRUTH. Speak it to every elected official, to every judge, to ALL who are denying us the rule of law and our Constitutional rights. 

One email is a start. 10,000 will get their attention. 1,000,000 will force them to start seriously re-considering their positions. 

100+ Million will restore our country and our humanity.

When your grandchildren ask you one day, “What did you do to fight for freedom?” be prepared to give them an answer that will make them proud of you. 

While we do it for us and each other, we are actually doing it for generations to come. 

Do not go quietly in the night.