Media desperately spinning it.

Republican senators impressed with Trump’s defense in impeachment trial

Senate Republicans credited the lawyers for former President Donald Trump Friday for putting on a strong defense in the first hours of their arguments in the Senate impeachment trial. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is one of the few good guys in the hall of shame. Too bad he’s not running for reelection.



By Radiopatriot

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  1. Yes! Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin was great to say that to everyone! By not running for reelection, I hope he will be partnering with President Trump in the future; he can easily see that being a Senator is often just paddling water, and is must be very difficult to be thwarted at every turn, barely able to stay above the ‘Great Din’ of the demarxists, who want to act quickly on each new ‘nutty professor’ ideas, while seeming to have serious personality and mental limitations. Could the Wuhan vaccination be causing this problem of hyper arrogance and rage against their fellow citizens?

    1. Attorney Michael van der Veen did a superb job of detailing every aspect of the falsehoods and schemes to demean and destroy former President Trump. A wonderful outcome is the long list of opportunities to ruin the credibility of so many criminals in Congress, and possibly have them removed from office.
      Do you think any of them will resign to avoid lawsuit or prosecution? Too much to hope for?

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