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There’s been a revolution in conservative media during the Trump years. IN: American Greatness, National Pulse, The American Mind, The Federalist, Just the News, Revolver News OUT: National Review, Weekly Standard, Drudge Report, Washington Examiner, RedState

ALSO IN: Epoch Times, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, PJ Media, Blaze, The First, Populist Press… Too many podcasts to mention. Conservatives have a lot more choices for news. There’s an ecosystem now that’s growing. This is a very good thing.

One of the real reasons so many liberal outlets & reporters want to cancel conservative outlets & reporters is: popularity. Just look at @nytimes columnist @NickKristof for example. He claims to have 2 million followers but can’t get 100 likes on most tweets. Obvious fakery.

Twitter is now a big problem for leftwing media. Their journos have no audience. So they hide it with fake followers. Andrea Mitchell: 1.8M Chuck Todd: 2M Ezra Klein: 2.7M Paul Krugman: 4.6M Nick Kristof: 2M They can’t get 200 likes on most tweets. Phony baloney.

The good news: the Trump Years were an extinction-level event for the old “conservative” pundit class: Kristol, Hayes, Boot, Brooks, Will, Gerson, Goldberg, Frum, Noonan, Lowry, Ponnuru, French, Erickson, Stoddard, Rubin, Meachum, Stephens. RIP to all of them.

“I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a disgrace, that two become a lawfirm & that three or more become a congress.” -John Adams

Twitter is a big problem for liberal media outlets like @wapo: just look at their “star” reporters like @costareports@pbump@ktumulty Very few likes & RT’s. No audience. No wonder they want social media “regulated.”

Reminder: Lots of media outlets are now asking the same questions that I asked President Trump almost a year ago in a press briefing. Better late than never.

The question nobody in the corporate press will ask Dr. Fauci today: why did your NIH give a $3million grant to the Wuhan Virology Lab? And was the grant for experimenting with coronavirus and bats?

It’s Day 332 of “15 Days to Slow the Spread.”

It’s called: The Great Reset. 👇

Catturd ™@catturd2 · 15 months to flatten the middle class.

Paul Sperry tweets:

DEVELOPING: Anchors and analysts on CBS, NBC and ABC are frantically trying to re-argue the Democrats impeachment case against Trump in the wake of effective defense by Trump lawyers armed with video montages of Democrats inciting violence and arguing 2016 election was stolen

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