“Now check out Cooms laying out how they are breaking the law but blaming it on Trump.

He is digging his own grave trying to explain away the “fight” definition. Their balls are in a vice and if they don’t impeach Trump then they are f*cked because they cannot remove some of his roadblocks in time. If they do impeach Trump they are f*cked because everyone else is now fair game. They are stalling for the inevitable. This will truly be suicide weekend when they have to make their final choices. They know there is no way out. Watch how his head and body have to really sell the lie. His adams apple must be swelling up in his throat.

>But none of us were saying that to a mob…which then attacked someone and we said good for you keep doing that. None of us were saying that to a mob on the day of the presidential vote certification.

So did Trump say good for you keep doing that? No, he went on record and told them to stop and go home. Ok Cooms, were you staging an insurrection on the day of the vote certification? You are f*cked.

– Telling us Trump spent weeks spinning them up about that key moment saving our country….

Didn’t these pricks spend 4 years spinning THEM up to cause violence and paying people to riot for your insurrection? Look how he is incriminating himself.

>And none of us, if a fight had broken out or a riot had broken out, as president Trump did, FAILED TO ACT IN ANY WAY to restrain or turn back our supporters for doing that so I don’t think it is apples to apples.

Every time one of these jackasses talk it is like adding more seasoning to a steak. When tribunals start it will be OVER.


Yes indeed.