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“Why interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves?

They voted to hear Witnesses

This is where it will make the SuperBowl look like a PuppyBowl

This is exactly what we wanted and forced. 

Has nothing to do with Trump’s “Impeachment”

People, you have to look at the BIG picture 

Everything you are seeing has been planned out to wake the public 

Now watch how Witness Testimony goes for (them)”

— Dave, X22Report


They voted to hear witnesses. This is where it will make the Super Bowl look like a Puppy bowl.

The Senate has just voted to bring in witnesses in this sham impeachment trial. Four Republicans voted for it. The usual “RINO” suspects – Romney, Murkowski, Collins and Graham. UPDATE – Sasse also voted for. Making it a total of FIVE RINOS who want to hear witnesses.

So now this opens it up for our side to present evidence. I think the Democrtats are going to regret what they’ve wished for.

Bannon is euphoric and asking his listeners “who do you want to call in for witnesses?”

Peter Navarro.

“If they want to do this and clearly they do, depositions, here’s who we need to hear from: Mark Zuckerberg and the money he plowed into this campaign.

TIME reporter Molly Ball, head of CIO, Chamber of Commerce, all the left wing…”

— Raheem Kassam.

The Lindsey Graham trap has finally been spung. What they want is to show President Trump had calls with Kevin McCarthy during the incursion… they are no longer pursuing the article of impeachment. Now they’re trying to remove Trump from American politics.” – Bannon

And by the way, WHY did VP Pence have the nuclear football with him while in the Senate during the elector certification?

“This has Pence’s fingerprints all over it — the Republican ESTABLISHMENT’s determination to purge Trump.” – Steve Bannon

What Mike Pence did to Trump will go down as one of the biggest betrayals in history.”— Peter Navarro


Congresswoman Herrera-Butler will be the first witness the impeachment managers want to call up. — House Manager Jamie Raskin

Michael Van Der Even, attorney for defense (Trump) is arguing that this violates the one charge in the one Article of Impeachment. “I’m going to need over a hundred depositions,” Van Der Veen. “Do not handcuff me by limiting the number of witnesses I can call up.”

“The House managers need to live with the case they brought, but please, in all fairness and with all due process, my ability to discover the truth. That would be another sham. And that’s the President’s position, MY position.”


“It’s all perfectly bizarre to have this sudden surprise witness come up literally before closing arguments…in a normal court of law a judge would go absolutely ballistic…” – Jonathan Turley


“Pandora’s box is about to be opened.” — Dave, X22 Report


Frank Gaffney with the Center for Security Policy is on with Bannon, discussing the reason why Pence was carrying the nuclear code football during the insurrection. Why did he even have it (or a backup of it)? Especially if they had knowledge that there was going to be an insurrection. And they all knew — the intelligence community, JTTF, FBI, and others.


Trump War Room

“Dems have charged intentional incitement to cause insurrection, so they’re limited to this narrow charge. They’re hoping witnesses can show his state of mind before and leading up to the attack on the Capitol. The House was supposed to have done this investigative discovery with depositions of witnesses, etc., so they’re trying to recover during the Senate trial. Depositions could take weeks now and opens up the door for Trump’s team as well.” — S.T., Attorney


The Senate is now in recess until 12:30.

JUST IN – Trump’s defense team have 301 witnesses “so far” that they want to call.

JUST IN – Negotiations underway about putting CNN’s reporting in the impeachment trial record instead of calling witnesses, per sources of the TV network. This comes after Cruz and the Trump defense team want to call over 300 witnesses including Speaker Pelosi. @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat

Sen. Cruz: ‘Schumer is desperately trying to get out of this dead end into which they have driven themselves.’


Senate Session has resumed.

This just became the most important document in Washington DC

The most important questions in the witness depositions will be—exactly what did Nancy Pelosi know & when? 

Breaking: Trump Legal Team Asks to Call in Speaker Nancy Pelosi and DC Mayor Bowser to Testify on Inside Info They May Have Had on Capitol Breach

Trump Legal Team Asks to Call in Speaker Nancy Pelosi and DC Mayor Bowser to Testify on Inside Info They May Have Had on Capitol Breach


Pintz [Pence] is such a rootless empty suit politico that he is literally homeless. Doesn’t own a home. Have no beef w those struggling or renting, of course, as I rented an apt in VA, but Pintz has had 2 decades to invest that Koch $$ into some appreciating Indiana real estate. What a goon. Part of the permanent, leeching DC class. Pence purported to represent Indiana — “the heartland” — “Midwest values” — “corn fields” — etc. He didn’t even live there. No roots. Nothing. All DC and its blood-sucking, “think” tank apparatus. He’s a coward. “ — Garrett M. Ziegler


“They voted to hear Witnesses. This is where it will make the SuperBowl look like a PuppyBowl. This is exactly what we wanted and forced.  Has nothing to do with Trump’s “Impeachment.” People you have to look at the BIG picture. Everything you are seeing has been planned out to wake the public.  Now watch how Witness Testimony goes for (them).” — CJ Truth


JUST IN – House managers and the Trump defense have agreed to admit Rep. Herrera Beutler’s statement to the record. No witnesses and no more motions. Senate impeachment trial moves on to closing arguments.

Biden White House Plan to Keep Occupying Troops in DC Through End of Year

The Biden National Security Council is planning on having National Guard troops continue to occupy the nation’s capital through the end of the year, according to a report by WTTG-TV Fox 5 in Washington, D.C. Additionally, active duty and reserve troops are being considered for deployment. National Guard troops patrolling in Washington, D.C., screen image…

Carol, [Feb 13, 2021 at 1:00:35 PM]:

Closing arguments underway, beginning with House impeachment managers Raskin, followed by David Cicilinni (D-RI)

They’re still giving their closing arguments.

Amazes me to see how cleverly liars take the facts and twist them to suit their objectives. Looking forward with happy anticipation to the time when their words will come back on them, hoisting them on their own petards.

The vote was 57-43, with 67 needed to convict. Seven Republicans voted with the Democrats:








Final vote to convict on Incitement of Insurrection (67 Votes required):

Guilty= 57 Not Guilty= 43

Vote to convict fails.