…here’s another.


What is the real reason they (DEMOCRAT/LEFT) go all out to get Trump?

They rush like crazy rats from a flood, impeachment after impeachment, yawing left and right as if time was more important than making an actual case to impeach. Their vote for witnesses showed neither Schumbag or McConman have control in the Senate. They’re scared, panicked.

And right after they failed again, another rush and another attack just the second after it happens! Now that Pres. Trump was acquitted, Democrats want to vote to slap him with a 14th Amendment rule, preventing anyone who has “engaged in insurrection” against the US from ever holding office again.

Why are they doing what they do and what are they trying to prevent?

It looks as if they don’t want Trump to make his next move, and as long there is a way to delay it, they’ll take that move. Even if it delays only a week or a few days. Even if it means they lose another round of “let’s pin the tail on the Trumpkey.”

This is not about justice or presidential election or voter fraud. Something else is going on here, something very odd. I can’t put my finger on it but I know it is something that smells of desperation.

What could be the reason they are trying everything to delay Trump’s next move? What kind of move are we even speaking about? On what battlefield? Is this about who will write the next act? The next chapter in a script?

“It’s like we’re watching a movie” because of how crazy everything is.

What it really looks like is this: Patriots are in control and forcing these morons into contortions because stuff is happening in the background. And for those who have known the final act and how we get to it, it’s exhausting, boring, stupid, but we wait because it’s for the people that don’t get it yet. For the ones who haven’t caught on, or are just beginning to open their eyes.

And maybe that’s why we were told long ago that we are watching a movie. We’re still watching the movie. And we’ll be watching this movie until the Patriots are done with whatever is being worked out in the background (like there has to be some negotiating on saving humanity because nukes, dirty bombs, chaos and calamity — you know, bad shit by the bad guys).

It’s the same reason people don’t understand why Ghislaine Maxwell was the first arrest. The long pole in the tent.

It’s the same reason people don’t get why Mitch the Turtle is such a flip-flop. It’s the same reason the enemy appears to be winning, while we know what’s up. Some of us might not completely get it yet, but the ratline trafficking shit is central to all of this. Once that’s abolished, the lines are cut and there is no DeepState. So why do these places still exist out there in the real world? Because Pres. DJT is in reality the master pulling the strings and will be until this is over.

I know I’m not the only one that thinks if they’d gone “Plan Z” from the start, we’d be in about the same place we are now (timeline wise). In all actuality, the only reason for all these theatrics is to win more hearts and minds.

That’s why we’re here waiting, trying to be patient. That’s why we’re watching this unbearable movie, and why some keep coming back here among friends, despite every sign that we probably should’ve kicked back, disengaged, and started just “watching,” instead of feeling like there are monumental battles going on in the background. People forget that Nancy P. never wanted to do the first impeachment, but she was forced to. She NEVER wanted to impeach him.

So the launch and mission of this place has been accomplished. Millions worldwide know about “Q”, and more important, the why about “Q”. Yeah, we were told to drop the “Q” label a long time ago because “Q” was just a club, a “cult,” or a hangout. But we are Q as much as Q posting is Q. We did/do the research, we spread it out there to the normal “normies,” and have become the news givers, the truth tellers. And that was the point.

And we are to be acolytes spreading the truth.

All of these bad guys in and out of Congress do what they’re doing because they are maneuvered on the chess board by Trump who is engaged in a world class match against enemies fighting against him and us. Everyone on this world stage, including Trump’s supposed allies, are being controlled by others who control through blackmail or worse, they’re motivated through their worship and lust of the utterly unthinkable. But that’s a nightmare and tonight we want to sleep peacefully.

Because things the bad guys have done are SO HORRIFIC justice awaits them. They will be lucky to survive the American people’s wrath long enough to make it to tribunals and courts. Remember, “They won’t be safe to walk the streets.” They won’t be safe outside of jail and they SURELY will not be safe inside of jail. They are quite literally fighting for their lives, trying to stave off the inevitable.

Sleep well, and know that NOTHING can stop what is coming. They know it. This is why their desperate rush and panic to destroy Trump and his 80 million strong MAGA movement before we destroy them.

It’s life or death for them. Once you understand, it is evident in their otherwise inexplicable, logic defying actions. We’re watching the dismantling of the corrupt elite, the Roman rulers, the Old Guard. We’re watching a movie. It’s a bedtime story with real life or death consequences.

We’re watching the world change. It will turn out all right in the end. Remember, winning, winning, winning.

So snuggle in, sleep peacefully, rest well and dream sweet dreams. Trump’s got this. Tomorrow we fight another day.