Nashville-area man demands impeachment of Pelosi and McConnell

A citizen-activist has filed a formal complaint with his representative in Congress and demanded that the US House of Representatives begin an impeachment proceeding against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell.  Tom Kovach (rhymes with “watch”) is a conservative activist that lives in a Nashville suburb.  Among other things, he is an ex-cop and a former paralegal.  The complaint alleges that Pelosi and McConnell were derelict in their “affirmative duty” to approve a request for National Guard troops to assist in protecting the Capitol against the security breach on the 6th of January.

According to an open letter from Steven Sund — who was chief of the US Capitol Police on the day of the incursion, and then resigned the following day — the USCP officers were overwhelmed by armed and trained agitators.  Sund repeatedly asked that Pelosi and McConnell approve his request for National Guard backup during the riot.  According to the rules in place at that time, the National Guard could not be summoned unless Pelosi and McConnell both approved.  Eventually, they did approve.  But, that approval did not come for more than an hour.  During that hour, Capitol Police officers were beaten and sprayed with pepper spray.
In public statements, and in the recent impeachment proceedings against former president Donald Trump, Pelosi and McConnell made accusations that Trump had “incited a riot” and that he failed to give an order for the National Guard to defend the Capitol.  But, according the detailed timeline in Sund’s eight-page letter, it was Pelosi and McConnell that failed to approve the National Guard support.  Sund was so upset by the results of that failure that he resigned the very next day, thus ending a 30-year law enforcement career.

Kovach filed the complaint with John Rose, who represents him in the Sixth Congressional District of Tennessee.  According to the US Constitution, the US House of Representatives has sole jurisdiction to begin any such impeachment proceeding.