GhostEzra asks…

How’s everyone holding up? Blocking out the noise? There’s lots of noise out there. Trump will run in 2024. Bullshit. Jared is keeping Trump off social media. Laughable. Trump lost the election because of his advisers. Brain dead. There are fools out there by the handful. Don’t feed into them. You know better. This was no ordinary 4 year election. It’s much bigger.

Some people call that hopium. I call it seeing the big picture. If you get lost down a fake news rabbit hole, it leads you nowhere. I’m trying to get everyone to see macro. The big picture. Here it is once again. Trump won by the largest vote count in USA history. The seized Dominion servers reflected a 410 electoral vote count at minimum. That’s not accounting the votes for Trump that were tossed and burned. Like California. Trump has it all. Biden is not the president and for a multiple of reasons.

Because you don’t know every detail of what Trump is quietly doing right now, doesn’t mean Trump isn’t in control. His whole team is.

Ask yourself this — why is Dan Scavino staying at Mar a Lago? He’s letting us know he’s there. Why?

Clue: Dan is part of the Trump team.