Notice everything they’re doing right now is to try & make Trump ineligible for the Presidency or ANY Office in the US Government.
Why would they do that if they know they can cheat, what would be the purpose of making sure he can never run again, he can never be president

The ACTUAL Goal of the [DS], They want to end  END America.
To collapse us beyond recovery.
The Great Awakening is about waking the public up to stop this,

  1. Since Trump removed himself from office people are seeing it all, censorship, double standards, jobs being lost, Congress trying to censor news organizations, Gov, mayors, other non elected leaders telling us when we can go to church, temple or a mosque, telling us what words we can use, censoring people if they have a different opinion,telling us when to have holidays, how many people you can have in your own home, telling people when they can open their business to support their family. Even with a vaccine they are stilling telling people what to do .The constitution is not suspended during a pandemic, everything they have done is a violation of the peoples rights.

This is what the [DS] is afraid of, they know they have lost control already, how do they know this. Because people voted for Trump and they needed to cheat to keep control. They need to surround themselves with fences and guards. Once people are awake, they cannot be put back to sleep.

Trump is in the process of exposing EVERYTHING.

During this time, Trump is taking over the GOP party, this party will be his

Just like I said the economic report, blue collar workers are now listening to Trump

  • Blue collar, working class people are now flocking to the Republican party.  
  • NBC News reports: