Garrett M. Ziegler writes at TELEGRAM:

“Decide for yourself… I know where I stand on this.

(Thank you to the Patriot that wrote this. As someone w OCD, the hyperlinks are very helpful and just go to show that even the lying press was digging REALLY HARD into the adoption stuff back in the oughts)”

So, with the knowledge that our institutions are captured, there’s one more thing we rly need to grasp. I’ve been telling the ppl around me, and anyone who will take the time to research etc., that, along with not believing in The Christ, there is one major thing that Einstein got wrong

Einstein said that compound interest was the most powerful force on Earth. It’s close, but that still assumes that whatever currency you’re dealing in has intrinsic value which, as you all know, is not our reality after Bretton Woods.

No, the most powerful force on Earth is blackmail. Blackmail, properly utilized, can make the most powerful men in the World get on their knees and beg like a puppy.

Now that we all have the baseline knowledge of institutional capture and the power of blackmail, we can all speak the same language henceforth and begin to explore heretofore unbeknownst crevices of The Swamp..

Y’all should share and save this PDF before anyone starts scrubbing the hyperlinks. Or, if any of my Zoomer friends are good with, please save them.