During President Trump’s speech today at CPAC, I was texting back and forth with a friend. When the President spoke about the vaccines, I texted, “Unless I’m missing something about these vaccines he’s touting, I have to part ways with him on this topic. Too many reports about the safety — short and longterm.”

Lin Wood commented on it too at TELEGRAM. Here’s his considered take on it:

I have seen many comments and replies which raise concerns about President Trump’s continued support for the vaccine. 

I stand against the vaccine but I respect every citizen’s right to make his or her own decision. I only urge that the decision be an informed one. Do the research!

I do not represent, advise, or speak for President Trump. I am one citizen who strongly believes ALL the power in this country belongs to We The People.  Our power is derived from The Creator. We organized this country through our respective states which unified under a federal structure that limited the federal government power in the Constitution. The Bill of Rights did not grant us rights, it merely recognized them and made clear government could do nothing to abridge those rights. 

We did not want another King George. But we have been complacent and allowed the federal government to become another King George. What do we do? Get busy fixing it at the local and state level. More on that issue later. 

Back to the vaccine and Trump issue. 

Rather than me speculating at this time, let me suggest you think through the situation applying your good common sense. You might have a better explanation than me. 

Consider the following:

1. Trump had no medical training. He had to rely on his medical advisors. Recall that one of them could not throw a baseball 15 feet toward home plate. 

2. In the latter stages of a political campaign, how could Trump urge voters to NOT take a vaccine approved as safe by the manufacturers and FDA? Seems to me like political suicide. What do you think?

3. If an official is going to change positions on the vaccine and urge that it NOT be taken, wouldn’t you expect that the official would only do so after clear evidence emerges that the vaccine is problematic or unsafe? That the vaccine is was NOT what it was represented to be in terms of effectiveness and safety. 

I am continuing to consider this issue. It is a tough one. I am interested in your analysis.



So, I want to know what you think. Do you agree with and trust the President on this topic, or are you skeptical like Lin and I am?

Does what Lin offers as possible reasons why President Trump is saying what he does sound reasonable to you?