…post this on its TELEGRAM channel? With a hashtag that reads #ThinkOutsideTheBox ??? What is GeorgeNews telling us? Why?


Is GeorgeNews operating at or near Mar-a-Lago, the hub of Trump’s shadow White House ops?

Is GeorgeNews an integral part of the hub of Trump’s shadow White House ops?

WHO is GeorgeNews? And why is it named for the magazine of Trump’s close friend, the late JFK Jr?

Q hasn’t messaged us since last December. Could this be a follow-on means of communication???

Lots of questions…

P.S. — In the post that preceded this one, GeorgeNews wrote the following. More clues?

FYI: Telegram does not keep any of your info or data stored anywhere.. all messages, comments etc, are only actually saved to your devices. As channels and groups GROW, so too, does the amount of data cached to your device. Depending on the the type of mobile device you’re using, this may have an impact on your battery life and device speed / respond time. You can clear out your cache regularly, by going into SETTINGS, then STORAGE… on that note, ALL messages and comments within the “GeorgeChat” group will be auto deleted 24 hours after posting. We also regularly remove posts on the Channel, for the same reasons. And to remind you all AGAIN.. We have never, and will NEVER ask for ANY type of donation. No fundraisers. No Gofundme’s. No PayPalMe links. No crypto links. ZERO. (See pinned post on Channel here) And on a side note, multiple comments and posts that you make within the Channel get sent to the ‘Group Chat’. If you’re mass posting the same thing over and over, it comes off as spam, and our spam detector bot will send you into oblivion 😎 


And then there’s this video which features videos and pics of Trump accompanied with patriotic songs and the SAVE AMERICA logo affixed throughout.

And this:

02/21/2021 #UPDATE

When we moved from our Twitter account that had close to 300K followers, dozens of people immediately tried to ‘fill the void’, and ‘be’ us. They have tried soliciting for ‘donations’ on Gofundme, CaspApp, Venmo, through fake Paypal’s as well as Bitcoin. 

So, it is absolutely necessary, that we ‘claim’ EVERY aspect of the online space, to STOP these people doing what they are doing, from all the way down there in mommy’s basement.

To say again; We don’t have a ‘GEORGE’ PayPal, CashApp, Venmo etc, we don’t use ANY crypto.. We are NOT on Teespring anymore. We STOPPED using them a month ago. We will never ever be on GOFUNDME either, (unless we are promoting a cause that we 100% believe in, that is not our own) 

So right now, we are in the process of verifying all our socials. We are self funded but you having our site and name on your chest or back, helps MORE than you realize. It’s a catch 22 really, if we don’t, someone else will, and we don’t want people to think they are buying something that is not officially linked to us.

If you’re new here, you have probably asked yourself, ‘who is GEORGE NEWS?’

In a nut shell, we are Patriots. We have been ‘online’ for a long time. Both by the name you know us by now, and another. We are also credentialed for WH, State, and DoD. Yes, we are known to WH Admin (current and very much the great team 45 one) We have been invited to many secure 45 events, both locally and internationally and are also known to the WH Travel Office. Basically, we are here for the long haul. We are NOT planning on going anywhere. We are IN this.  Also please note, messages we may delete here are these: 

1. The same url / link / shared message from another group that has been posted multiple times within a recent time frame, as well as spam bot type messages staring with a “/” forward slash.

2. Messages asking you to email or call them (with number or email address showing)

3. Any form of doxing or harassment, etc., 

4. ANY type of message relating to a free “DJT 45” COIN.. there are no official coins available. 

And lastly, if in doubt, ALL our links are at https://linktr.ee/georgenews and our store link

“GEORGENEWS.SHOP” https://georgenews.shop

now redirects to our NEW and Official partner.

Have a GREAT day! 



Looking through our old photos, this one was taken 365 Days ago, on the 21st at exactly 9:44:54 PM EST. Here, an exhausted man comes home after a long and busy, 4-day trip to California, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado. Working for free for our nation. 

Because he was called.

The world once again asks for ordinary men, to do extraordinary things. 

We serve at the pleasure of the President. Always.




We are claiming this CHANNEL for future Broadcast use, as well as to protect YOU from the scammers and fraudsters out there. ( no need to comment here for now but we WILL be using this very soon, as we will be in multiple locations on multiple devices soon ) Verification Pending from the DXB office




And though I can’t find it right now, GeorgeNews posted within a few seconds this same map with a red spot in the Mar-a-Lago location indicating it is where GeorgeNews was located.


There’s always room for error, but I think GeorgeNews is Trump’s new comms. what do YOU think?