This showed up on the TELEGRAM and Gab boards, posted by MelQ (also known as littllemel). She is examining the Q posts that were dropped on March 3rd a year, two years, three years ago, and comparing the messages then against where we are now. Look at this:

3-year delta is giving us instructions:

Two year delta:

If the ‘stage’ is clean, can the performance begin?

How might ‘transparency’ [DECLAS] fit into the dialogue?

Why have there been no arrests?
Why have ‘specific’ dates been mentioned only to see no action?
Define ‘game theory’.
Why must disinformation be provided?
Define ‘open source’.
Define ‘public purview’.
Do we let our enemies walk through the front door?

Define ‘plausible deniability’.
Why was it important to FIRST clean house within the FBI & DOJ (public info)?
Why was it important to FIRST clean house within other ABC agencies (non_public info)?
What are the duties of the FBI?
What are the duties of the DOJ?
When does MIL INTEL have jurisdiction?
What vested powers does POTUS have re: MIL INTEL vs. ABC agencies re: matters of NAT SEC (HOMELAND)?
Think ‘umbrella surv’.
What agency does the FBI report to?
What is the role of the AG?
Does the AG oversee the firing of FBI & DOJ senior/mid/lower staff?
How many FBI & DOJ were FIRED/FORCED?
Does ‘Russia’ recusal prevent/block AG from this responsibility?
What time period did this occur?
Who appointed and tasked HUBER?
Who appointed and tasked the OIG?
Who was AG?
[zero leaks – none]
Transfer from AG1 to AG2?
Why might that be important?
How do you avoid ‘politically motivated/attack – obstruction – attempt to block/obstruct Mueller’?
Optics are important.
When are optics not important?
Think Whitaker.
Define ‘stage set’.
Who recently walked ‘on stage’ to take command?
What ‘stage’ experience did this person have?

Think Bill Clinton impeachment.
Has the ‘stage’ been cleaned & cleared for the next performance?
If the ‘stage’ is clean, can the performance begin?
How might ‘transparency’ [DECLAS] fit into the dialogue?

Define ‘thesis’ statement.
What benefit(s) does this provide BARR?
“This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government.” – POTUS
Logical thinking.


What did we see released yesterday, March 3rd? The whistleblower transcripts released by Lin Wood and his friend Garrett M.

March 4 is a Trap! 
Q knew
Is it a trap for [them] or is it a trap for us?

2 year delta, Let’s see what happens.

At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card?

3 year delta
Reality is labeled as conspiracy.
You are made to feel crazy.
You are told to obey.
You are SHEEP to them.
Pawns to be sacrificed.

Q delta talks about up is down, left is right. This post is spot on!! Who else feels like they’re in an alternate reality?
Bizarro World
Twilight Zone
Neverending Story
Outer Limits
Wonka Vision
Truman Show
The Matrix
Man in the High Castle
Hand Maidens Tale
Alice In Wonderland
Hunger Games
Black Mirror
V for Vendetta
Animal Farm
They Live
Brave New World
Groundhog Day 
I am Legend
Manchurian Candidate
Sum of all Fears
Conspiracy Theory

What did I miss?