From the TELEGRAM page of Lin Wood:

Let me see if I have this right.

Dominion has sued Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell for libel because they said Dominion voting machines were used in connection with fraudulent votes. Do I have that right?

The initial issue in a libel case is whether the statements by Sidney and Mike were false. I know I have that right.

The burden of proving falsity is on Dominion. It had to be proven by clear and convincing evidence. That is a tough standard to meet, especially if the statements are true! I know I have that right.

We are either living in Alice in Wonderland, the Twilight Zone, or a country on the brink of being communist where everything is propaganda and the courts are corrupt.

Maybe we are in a little of all three??? What is the truth?

The TRUTH is we are living in America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. A nation with 100+ Million Patriots who love freedom and are brave.

This errant nonsense will end soon. Community by community. State by state.

I know I have that right. We The People have ALL the power. We derive our power from Almighty God.

ALL means ALL. Always has. Always will.