Mark Cascairo wrote this in response to Dr. Seuss being cancelled. 

One state, two state, Red state, blue state.
Could you, would you quarantine?
Could you boycott gasoline?
Just for three or four more years,
Living life consumed by fears.
We’ll just shut down stores and schools,
Bypass laws and change the rules.
Cancel culture, history, too.
Democrats will care for you.
Don’t need cops or common sense,
Just some sanctioned violence.
Open borders, hamstring ICE.
To say “illegal” isn’t nice.
Vote if cheating, even dead,
But outlaw Mr. Potato Head.
Though some freedoms you may lose.
Any bathroom you can choose.
Change your gender on a whim.
Perhaps a her might be a him,
Or maybe lots of other choices
(According to “enlightened” voices)
The new elite administration 
Has all answers for our nation.I would not, could not pay the price
Of taking such insane advice.
I do not like this Biden twit.
I do not like him – not one bit.