Lin wood writes, “As I have earlier made clear, I found the whistleblower interview regarding Chief Justice Roberts, former Vice President Pence and other high ranking officials to be credible.

Given the seriousness of his statements, I made the transcript public and also provided the thumb drive to the United States Secret Service, the State Bar of Georgia, the Lawyers Club of Atlanta President and members of its Executive Committee, Mercer Law School, Mercer Law School Dean Cathy Cox, and the District Court of Colorado Bar.

Are the allegations of the whistleblower being investigated?

With the exception of the Secret Service, all of the other recipients of the whistleblower interview have to my knowledge done nothing except to falsely smear me.

I was just the messenger. I only did what I felt was my duty as a law-abiding citizen, lawyer, and officer of the court. And for that, members of the legal profession seek to destroy me.

I think you understand exactly what is going on here. I do.”

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney explains why Lin Wood’s whistleblower is absolutely credible
The transcript of an interview with a whistleblower put out by attorney Lin Wood on Populist Press reveals bombshell accusations of massive corruption, child sex trafficking, and a cabal that completely redefines the concept of The Swamp. Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney joined Two Mikes to explain why every American must read this blockbuster release.