Well, today has been quite a day for revelations. Whooo-boy.

First Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny’s discussion about the so-called covid “vaccine” (I sent it to you earlier. Please be sure to listen to the interview she did with Scott Kesterson on BardsFM before you take the jab. Your life depends on it.)

And now this, which doesn’t come as a surprise to me and others who have understood what’s happening because of 5,000 messages we were given by the military information program known as “Q” (or as the ignorant media call it “QAnon”).

Tonight I was alerted by Simon Parkes to this audio file by Juan O Savin explaining in simple terms what has been going on in DC and what is coming next. As Q has told us in the past, the military is the only way. No, that doesn’t not mean a military takeover. Not at all. You’ll understand once you’ve listened to Juan O Savin explain what’s coming.