This morning, GeorgeNews posted a photo of this gorgeous sidewalk clock at the Trump Doral Golf Course. Take a look:

Some time ago (see what I did?) I started snapping photos of sidewalk clocks. Sidewalk clocks are a lost fixture from a different era. According to my research, these street jewels proliferated in American cities well after the turn of the twentieth century but alas, many have since fallen prey to automobile accidents and sidewalk ordinances. “Street Clocks were once used as the Town clock – creating a common time source for everyone. Traditionally installed by jewelers, street clocks were also used as signage. Your pocket watch could be set to the correct time shown on the street clock and if your watch wasn’t functioning correctly you could visit the jeweler’s service department. A beautiful fixture from long ago. A typical street clock would have a rectangular beveled base, fluted column and double sided face.”

Main Street, Bar Harbor, Maine
Houghton, Michigan
Alpine, Texas
The Old Almy’s Clock, Salem, MA

This clock kept time outside of the Almy Bigelow & Washburn Department Store on Essex Street. The store is long gone, now redeveloped into condos, but the clock remains as a reminder of another era.

I am so enamored of the iconic and beautiful sidewalk clocks that were popular in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, an era in which I would have loved to live! Look at this beauty in the heart of Wausau, WI.

Wausau, Wisconsin

When Disney built theme parks, it included a sidewalk clock at the entrance of Main Street.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Building wall clocks were popular in their day as well.

This one adorns a building occupied by Jackson Kirschner Architects in Melbourne, FL