We The Media” at TELEGRAM writes:

“Waiting for justice is difficult.

Knowing what we know about the reality of the evil in this world and watching most people around us remain totally oblivious to this reality is discouraging.

Thank God for the Great Awakening. Remember when you were first awakened to the truth that is known as pizzagate? I remember feeling alone with this knowledge as so many of my friends and family were either asleep to the horrors of SRA and child trafficking or refused to acknowledge it.

Thanks to Q and President Trump, digital soldiers who are awake number in the hundreds of millions worldwide. There are more around you than you realize. Many feel as you do. They are wondering why the evil deeds of these monsters have not yet been exposed for the whole world to see and they are asking the question: “how much longer?”

Worldwide awakening is merely a matter of time…likely only weeks or months away. We have not been played. Nothing can stop what is coming. Soon It will not be safe for these monsters to walk the streets.

Remember who our chief enemy is. The enemy we fight has been studying humans for generations. Satan corrupts everything that God intended to be good. Look at how Satan has corrupted pleasure, sex, wine, food, relationships, music, gender, money, friendships, marriage, power, race….

Satan uses the globalists as his pawns to corrupt everything that is good in this world. We have been given knowledge of what these evil monsters do to innocent children and we have not yet seen justice for their evil deeds. As a result we live with a burden and a yearning to see justice for these victims.

I believe the US military and patriots working with President Trump are working hard behind the scenes and preparing to execute the best possible outcome for not only Americans but for humanity worldwide. The plan must be carried out the right way. Timing is everything.

I think President Trump was aware he was facing more than a political or military battle when he took office. He knew he would be in a spiritual battle, the outcome of which would decide the fate of patriots in America and worldwide.

I still believe with all my heart the best is yet to come.

Do you trust our military? I do. They are going to ensure the security of our Republic. If they need more than 12 months to do this, I support them 100%. I trust our Generals. I trust General Flynn. I trust President Trump. Most of all my faith is in my Lord, Jesus Christ, And I am convinced that he is not yet done with America. Great things remain in America’s future. I believe God is about to use our military to inflict justice on those monsters who have hurt his little ones for too long.

Do not lose heart! God hears your prayers and your cries for justice. A day of wrath and vengeance on the deep state is coming.