The Ghislaine Maxwell Case

And the ongoing(?) investigations of Epstein’s co-conspirators

…Here is our update on the Ghislaine Maxwell case, including questions on the DOJ’s ongoing(?) investigation of Epstein’s co-conspirators.


Ghislaine Maxwell remains in jail, awaiting trial for charges including (1) conspiracy to entice/transport minors to engage in illegal sexual acts; (2) transportation of a minor to engage in illegal sex acts; and (3) perjury. She doesn’t yet have a trial date and sits (or, as Maxwell would say, suffers) in jail as the the case continues.

Maxwell is currently fighting this war on multiple fronts. The first has to do with dismissal. As we previously reported, she is trying to get the charges dropped. One of her best arguments (read her motion to dismiss on Scribd) is that the Epstein plea deal precludes her prosecution:

The US has responded to this motion to dismiss. Per a March 16, 2021 letter to the court from Maxwell’s attorneys, it appears that the government’s motions and supporting exhibits are currently under seal.