For new folks, Evergreen is HRC’s Secret Service name. It has also been speculated that Evergreen shipping is a front for human trafficking. Oh, and another thing… Evergreen ship stuck in Suez call sign is H3RC.

There are tugboats trying to help “H3RC” get unstuck. Some are called “MOSAED” (MOSSAD lol). The big one is called “BARAKA1” (Barack)

When do you call a plumber?
When something’s maybe ‘blocked’?

Ongoing investigations require…?


Q💧 1279


Remember Wayfair? How do you think those “cabinets” are shipped?

W a y f a i r C h i l d T r a f f i c k i n g
Compilation of several Anons gathered evidence.

“Maybe that’s what this is all about, ship gets stuck, International aid offered, containers opened on live TV?” – MelQ

2 year delta —> Look at the date of this Q drop: March 23, 2019