Suez Canal DIG UPDATE from MelQ and anons who do what the FAKE NEWS will not do:

Wasn’t the Evergreen destination (Dutch) Rotterdam?

Dutch police discover ‘underworld’ prison with torture chamber in shipping containers (from July 2020, it seems relevant)

All web searches are now talking about the losses…

Looks like the Salvage working on freeing the Ever Given have committed to off loading. Yay That is all I needed to hear. if there are humans in those containers they need to be rescued immediately!

““It’s an enormous weight on the sand. We might have to work with a combination of reducing the weight by removing containers, oil and water from the ship, tug boats and dredging of sand,” he said.

The removal of fuel and containers along with a dredging operation will require additional heavy equipment being brought to the site which will add to the salvage time.

The removal of containers is likely to prove particularly challenging given the enormous height of the stacks.

This shipping guy’s opinion on the possibility that people can be inside shipping containers

An “anon’s” theory on Biden’s communication:

Another Anon theory on Evergreen

Some of these shipping containers are designed to hold people

Pay attention to the kids in the shipping containers in this Sound of Freedom movie trailer about trafficking children. What do the containers look like?

Here are a few screenshots of containers from the trailer

This is not theory – NBC reported on humans smuggled in shipping containers back in 2003:

“…since the metal boxes aren’t air-tight, enough air seeps in through the doors to allow people inside to breathe, though the stench from human waste, spoiling food and bodies in almost-unbearably tight quarters is by all accounts overwhelming.”

“China’s human smugglers have dispatched at least one group of illegal immigrants to the United States inside a hard-top shipping container – a 40-foot-long steel box that gives its occupants no chance of escape if something goes wrong.”

“…with electric lights and fans hooked to car batteries as well as produce, bottled water, canned juice and four 30-gallon waste receptacles.”

MelQ 🐸
Current ship status: stuck like Big Mike trying to get into a size 2 skirt.…

No change…

New: “QAnon has become the cult that cries wolf” 🤡

Nobody who follows Q thought March 4th was a significant date. These people are clowns.

Nice shoutout to @jordansather and @littllemel kek

“I think the media has a crush on us. They just can’t stop talking about us. It would be nice if they would report on the millions of people that folks like us have woken up to the media lies.” — MelQ

27 being monitored for Ebola virus in Oregon, Washington
Four people are being monitored for the Ebola virus in Oregon.

Ohio and now Oregon and Washington folks being monitored for Ebola. The Covid plan wasn’t enough to bring the country to its knees, now [they] are pushing a new threat. Also, look over here at Ebola, not over there at the ship stuck in the canal or at the disastrous Biden presser.

MelQ: “What is another canal besides the Suez? Why the penis clue? Maybe the hint is for our rebirth. A new world.

Let’s do a dig and see if Rotterdam has more of these trafficking warehouses. I know we even have some folks from the Netherlands following our channel. Put your research in the comments. 👇”