Megaship blocking Suez Canal for fifth day could be refloated using tide
The company that owns the giant container ship stuck sideways across the Suez Canal said an attempt will be made to refloat the vessel by taking advantage of…

They are still working on getting it free, video from this morning again mentions removing the cargo.

“While we’re at it, let’s crack that truck open too! What’s inside?” – MelQ

Truck carrying Evergreen container causes traffic jam in China: picture goes viral
A truck carrying an Evergreen shipping container crashed and caused a traffic jam on a freeway in China this morning, and pictures of the incident went viral on Chinese social media platforms. Acco…

While we’re at it let’s crack that truck open too! What’s inside?

For those who are interested…

LIVE updates from EVERGREEN LINE site

JuliansRum posts:

After a few days to ponder on it I think the underlying purpose of the Suez blockade is to show people the inherent danger of globalization. All it took was one ship running aground to massively fuck up trade and oil prices around the world.

Ever Given probably isn’t a human trafficking redpill. More likely a “globalism is retarded” redpill.

Trump. Was. Right.

Instead, USA’s policy on global outsourcing should be…