I am going to follow my own suggestion, something I’ve been thinking of doing for months.

From now on, when I see a discarded mask on the ground, caught up in bushes, stuck in the sand at the beach washing in or out with the tide, in the Walmart or supermarket parking lots, etc. etc., I’m going to snap a pic of it and post it here on this site. And I’m going to tell you where the filthy mask was found.

Because after all, the clueless sheep following the eugenicists’ diktats don’t have a proper place to dispose of these foul, bacteria-laden muzzles. No hazardous waste drop boxes anywhere. Poor things.

So what do many of the mask wearers do? Well, it seems they toss them wherever. Parking lots and beaches seem to be their trash bin of choice, at least here in Florida. (And yes, the sheeple (especially out of state winter snowbird sheep) are still wearing them, despite Gov. DeSantis’ order that masks are not mandated.)

If you’d like to join me in this photojournalistic endeavor, email your mask litter photo to Radiopatriot.king@gmail.com and I’ll happily post them here. Be sure to mention where the face diaper was found.