At RFK’s Funeral Jackie Kennedy responded to Lady Bird Johnson’s condolences with EXTREME HOSTILITY. I wonder how Jackie felt about LYNDON JOHNSON? – Evening of Friday, June, 8, 1968 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.

Btw, FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI announced the arrest of James Earl Ray for the murder of MLK on this day just to spite the Kennedys and take the national spotlight away from them

“Even at a Funeral, LBJ and Lady Bird Couldn’t Make Their Peace With the Kennedys,” Julia Sweig, Texas Monthly, April 2021.


[Julia Sweig, Lady Bird Johnson: Hiding in Plain Sight, pp. 392-393]


After the warm exchange with Ted, Ethel, and Rose, Lady Bird perhaps expected to find a similar display of manners from the wounded yet ultracareful Jackie, the one Kennedy with whom she shared the most history. Not so. “And then,” Lady Bird recorded, sounding a bit perplexed, “I found myself in front of Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy. I called her name and put out my hand. I hardly know how to describe the next few moments of time. She looked at me as though from a great distance, as though I were an aberration. I felt extreme hostility. Was it because I was alive? At last, without a flicker of expression, she extended her hand very slightly. I took it with some murmured words of sorrow and walked on quickly. It was somehow shocking. Never in any contact with her before had I experienced this.”